The new, trendy baby names kicking out the classics.

For those after a modern but unique baby name.

Choosing baby names comes very easily for some couples. For other’s it’s agony, with decisions made well after baby arrives.

So much to consider. Modern? Traditional? Unique?

You might be thinking of something suitable for a little person and good for an adult. You might want to pack in a couple of middle names. And if you're anything like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, you might be thinking of naming your baby in tribute to family.

But, if you're after something that will fit in well now without being super popular then this is the list for you. These are all the names new to the top 100 in 2014.

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Leaving the Top 100 for boys names, according to our friends at McCrindle, are Jesse, Seth, Parker, Darcy, Jett, Lewis and Jonathon.

Off the list for girls are Samantha, Eve, Daisy, Nevaeh, Skye, Indigo, Caitlin, Leah and Mikayla.

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