The most Googled question of 2014 remains unanswered.

The results are in, and Google has some surprises.

Like the fact that Australians were more interested in the soccer World Cup than anything else this year according to the 2014 top search terms.

Google have just released their year in search and from all of the stories that sat on our screens, Australians had an interesting mix of what they wanted to ask the internet about.

The results reveal that us Aussies were captivated by the world’s biggest sporting event, that we wanted to absorb everything about the two Malaysian Airline disasters and reeled extensively from the loss of cricketer Phillip Hughes.

A nation banded together when we tragically lost a young cricketer – Phillip Hughes.

The second most searched term in Australia was for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, followed closely by the MH17 plane that was shot down while flying over the Ukraine. The popular search term ‘MH370 found’ is one that still hasn’t been answered anywhere in the world – but was a popular term to look for online.


People just wanted to find it. (They still do).

Google Australia spokesperson, Shane Treeves spoke to Daily Mail Australia and said that the results show Australians have a diverse range of interests and a strong intrigue in to world events.

“Meanwhile, the popularity of searches for Charlotte Dawson, Phil Hughes and Schappelle Corby show that Australians are also very attentive to local news and affairs,” he told Daily Mail Australia.


We were intrigued by Schappelle Corby, when she was released from an Indonesian jail.

The tragic death of much loved comedian Robin Williams was the most searched term across the globe. The comedian was 63 when he died suddenly in August this year. His name was the top trending search on Google for 2014.


The world lost a great man – Oh captain, my captain.


Other search terms that were popular around the world were the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, and the rise of ISIS – the extremist Islamic group in the Middle East.


Ebola was an awful disease that took over West Africa.

The top global trending terms were dominated by tragic news including the two Malaysian Airline planes, the conflict in the Ukraine and the fatal shooting of American Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. But other top searched terms were a lot more positive – the world cup was trending worldwide, Flappy Bird – an app-game came in the top five and Disney’s Frozen film came in the top ten (parents we’re looking at you for that one).

In 2015 maybe we’ll just let it go…

Google’s list was released before the Sydney siege in a Lindt café this week, which is one of the biggest news events this year.

To wrap it up – the top 10 trending search terms on Google globally in 2014 are: Robin Williams at number one, followed by the World Cup, then Ebola, Malaysian Airline, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Flappy Bird, Conchita Wurst, ISIS, Frozen and finally Sochi Olympics came in at number 10.

It was a year of tragedy, of sport, of addictive app games, of disease, of viral videos and of a child’s movie that we just can’t seem to Let Go of.

What did you search for a lot this year?