According to Google, these were the recipes Aussies wanted to make in 2017.

If you paid any attention to your social media feed this year, you might have spotted many recurring images of acai bowls, doughnuts and elaborate fermented creations aka kimchi and sauerkraut.

Despite this, apparently these were not the dishes and foods most googled by Australians in 2017, and we have to admit that the recipes did surprise us.

Beef stroganoff
Apparently beef stroganoff was the dish we were all craving. Image via Getty.

For example... who knew beef stroganoff resonated so strongly with the Australian palette and that we still don't really know how to cook tofu in a way that also makes it conducive to well... eating.

Actually the latter didn't shock us quite so much and to be honest, we still don't really know. Please help.

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Either way, it seemed like on the whole we were all in need of some good old comfort food, and with the political wreck of 2017, both internationally and Australian, it's no wonder why.

The list saw lots of soul-warming favourites high on the list, including classic one-pot wonders like chilli con carne, chicken cacciatore, chicken parmigiana, shepherd's pie and beef bourguignon.

The top 10 most Googled foods of 2017

1. Beef Stroganoff
2. Hot cross buns
3. Hollandaise sauce
4. Chilli con carne
5. Chicken cacciatore
6. Bechamel sauce
7. Chicken parmigiana
8. Shepherd's pie
9. Beef Bourguignon
10. Quiche Lorraine

However, when it came to queries on how to cook specific ingredients it could definitely be deduced that we're all trying to be a bit more vegetarian conscious, with tofu, eggplant and lentils making the list.

Also while meat-based dishes featured heavily on the "most Googled foods" list, maybe we're just a bit puzzled and intimidated as to how to get our fish and veggies just right. But hey, we are trying.

Most Googled recipes 2017
There are many more appealing ways to eat this mysterious superfood than the above picture. We just don't know what they are. Image via Getty.

Evidently we're also a bit pressed for time, with "how to cook rice in the microwave" the time-saving hack we (apparently) all need, but let's just chalk that one up to everyone being #verybusy.

Notably avocado-anything wasn't seen on either of the two lists... although that could be because we all know the best way to plate the green delight is on toast (derr) with a good dose of salt and pepper, or Vegemite if you should so choose.

The top 10 most Google "how to cook?" searches of 2017.

1. How to cook tofu
2. How to cook eggplant
3. How to cook pasta
4. How to cook rice in microwave
5. How to cook smoked cod
6. How to cook silverside
7. How to cook lentils
8. How to cook salmon fillets
9. How to cook fennel
10. How to cook rhubarb

Did you make any of the dishes or Google any of the recipes listed above? Or was there something that the lists definitely missed out. Tell us in the comments below?

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