We've answered all of 2016's most Googled beauty questions.

The struggle is real, people.

Every day we womenfolk are faced with weird beauty task after weird beauty task – eyelash curling, need we say more? – and sometimes we need a little bit of help.

Google Trends have released their top 10 beauty questions for the year just gone, and we have to say, we’ve asked just about all of them ourselves – so here are the questions AND our answers.

Watch and learn, ladies.


#1: “How do I do a fishtail braid?”

Oh, PREACH. Attempting a fishtail braid can feel like a trying to fold origami paper cranes whilst wearing woolen mittens.

If you are ready to learn, then shake out those locks and put this on repeat:

#2: “How do I make my hair grow faster?”

Along with, ‘can you lose weight whilst still eating junk food?’, this kind of hopeful Google inquiry comes from a place of quiet desperation. Sorry to disappoint, but the only thing between you and a Rapunzel mane is time.

But if waiting around isn’t you thing, you could also try scalp massage, heat treatments, and regular trims. You can read all the insider info to long and luscious locks, here – 5 Ways To Help Your Hair Grow Faster.

#3: “How do I fill in my eyebrows?”

Whilst we’re all aware that bold brows are the look du jour, most of us are a little lost on how to nail the ‘Brooke Shields in Blue Lagoon’ look whilst avoiding the ‘Susie Maroney circa 1992’ vibe.

Check out some real life examples from the Mamamia team in We Asked An Expert To Fix Our Brows.

Watch and learn from our Mamamia team as they perfect their brows.

#4: "How do I curl my hair?"

Every woman worth her weight in hair product has suffered at the hands of her hair curler. Mini burns to the forehead, hands, ears, hair...those things are torture instruments.

So, if you want to learn how to curl your hair without a hair curler? Behold - Three Ways To Curl Your Hair Without A Curling Wand.


#5: How do I remove gel nails?"

Repeat after me: I will not peel off my nails. I will not peel off my nails. I will not peel off my nails.

The final days of shellac when they start to chip and peel are an exercise in patience and restraint. If you have shellac or gel nails, there's no magic answer - it's back to the salon for you, sister.

No magic solution to this question - to remove gel or shellac nails, it's back to the salon with you!

#6: "How do I clean makeup brushes?"

We all remember the day that the realisation hits home: my makeup brushes must be filthy. Gross!

From rolling around the bottom of your handbag, to absorbing day after day of face oil, your makeup brushes absolutely need to be cleaned regularly to avoid a build up of product or bacteria.

For your viewing pleasure, The Complete Guide To Cleaning Makeup Brushes And Sponges.

#7: "How do I apply concealer?"

Applies concealer to pimple = pimple spotlight.

Applies concealer to under eye circles = solarium goggles.

Applies concealer to dark spots = dalmatian.

We all need help when it comes to nailing the art of using concealer, and Google was the first stop for millions of bamboozled women in 2016. But once you've done trawling Youtube tutorials, try this: 5 Things That Every Woman With Problem Skin Needs To Know.

Feel like an insane person applying concealer like this? Yeah, same. But it WORKS.

#8: "What is balayage?"

Balayage is to this decade what crimping was to the 80's: just about every woman who had ever battled regrowth jumped on the bandwagon with a whoop of joy.

The fancy name for a hairstyle in which the ends are lightened but the roots are left dark, balayage started around 2009 and was made famous by celebs like Pip Edwards and Drew Barrymore.

Need to know more? Read this - To Balayage Or Not To Balayage.

#9: "How do I shape my eyebrows?"

For every lady who survived the 90's with your full eyebrow intact, we salute you. For the rest of us who suffered 'Skinny Eyebrow Syndrome', step away from the tweezers and read  How To Put Your Best Brow Forward.


#10: "How do I get rid of undereye bags?"

GET SOME SLEEP! Ha, as if. You can totally fake those well rested vibes with a few clever little tips.

Here's our guide to applying the perfect concealer, every time - The Under-eye Concealer Trick That Will Help You Fake Awake.

We for one would like to say that we are very proud that DIY haircuts and home tattoos didn't make the Google search list this year. We're growing up.