Embarrassing gym stories that will make you swear off exercise. For good.

Gym workouts come with a high risk of self-embarrassment.

Think about it: there’s equipment to navigate, all kinds of bodily functions at play, unnatural contortions, feet to trip over, and the cherry on top of the cake: dozens of potential witnesses.

Unless you’re a perfect human specimen, you’ll probably be struck down by a gym-based blunder at least once in your life.

If it makes you feel any better, the women of The Glow HQ have endured some absolute shockers — and in the spirit of comiseration, support and pure, sweet Schadenfreude we’ve decided to share them with you today. Enjoy! Or cry. Whatever you prefer. (Post continues after video.)

A special mention goes to this absolute corker, which was a little too long in full to fit on the MM Confessions whiteboard.

“I once put too many weights on this machine and got stuck in the air. The instructor had to pull me down — it was, like, a 10 minute operation with the entire gym watching me.”


Over to you – what’s your most embarrassing gym moment?

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