The search is over: This salon does the most out there haircuts in the world.

Image via Flickr/hairport_lisbon.

We’re obsessed with delving into the latest hair trends here at The Glow. From barely-there pastel highlights that mimic Instagram filters, to the ever popular rainbow hair trend, to exploring the split dyed hair.

Just when we thought we’d reached peak hair trends, there’s THIS. WIP-Hairport has the flickr account of our dreams.

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And they produce everything from wild cuts like this one….

Image via Flickr/

To more dreamy and subtle styles like this....

Image via Flickr

WIP-Hairport is located on the Elevador da Bica in Lisbon, Portugal. The styles the team produce are out of this world. They're more of an art form, really.

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The salon describe themselves as "an interface of cultural transfer. In a creative international setting Sabine Pawlik and her stylists make sure that relaxed people with worry-free heads leave the Hairport." (Post continues after gallery.)

My personal favourite has to be these two women - probably the most stylish creatures I have ever seen!

(Image via flickr)

You can check out more about Hair Port at their website here. Be warned - you could spend hours flicking through the amazing hairstyles they produce.

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