The 5 ads that have really pissed Australians off this year.

There are five ads that got Aussies so riled up this year that the poor sods on the end off the line at the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) have received more than 3200 complaints about them.

And it’s only July.

We bowed down before Lee Lin Chin as Prime Chinister, but many Australians weren’t too impressed by her appearance in Meat & Livestock Australia’s annual Australia day blockbuster to convince people to eat more lambs.

Especially vegans.

Especially the vegans whose bowl of kale she set alight.

If you don’t remember you can watch it here:

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The ad was also criticised for being centred around the insensitively titled “Operation Boomerang”.

While it received a whopping 376 complaints, the most hated ad from the first half of 2016 came from Ultra Tune Australia for this number that came with the tagline “We’re into rubber”:

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At least 418 Australians aren’t into rubber, judging by the complaints they lodged.

So, these are the ads that really bloody pissed you guys off (and whether the ABS thought your concerns were warranted)

  1. Ultra Tune Australia (TV)
    Two women in skin tight outfits dancing with the tagline “we’re into rubber”…
    Total complaints: 418
  2. Meat & Livestock Australia (TV)
    Newsreader Lee Lin Chin is on a rescue mission to bring Austrlian expats home for an Australia Day bbq.
    Total complaints: 376
  3. Meat & Livestock Australia (Internet)
    Total complaints: 241
  4. Ultra Tune Australia (TV)
    Two women are in a car which breaks down on train tracks aka the other Ultra Tune ad.
    Total complaints: 208
  5. Meat & Livestock Australia Ltd (Internet/Social Media/Other)
    Total complaints: 130
  6. Ultra Tune Australia (TV)
    Two women are in a car which goes off a cliff after being put into the wrong gear aka another Ultra Tune ad.
    Total complaints: 101
  7. Roadshow Film Distributors Pty Ltd (TV trailer)
    Total complaints: 80
  8. Medibank Private Ltd (TV)
    It showed different family groups and showed how Medibank benefited them all.
    Total complaints: 66
  9. Honey Birdette (Poster)
    Poster featuring a woman from behind in revealing underwear.
    Total complaints: 59
  10. Ultra Tune Australia (TV)
    Two women in tight black suits play with tennis balls. Seriously, original guys.
    Total complaints: 54

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