FLUFF: And the most complained about Australian shows are...

When we want to complain about a TV show, we shout at the telly. We throw things at the screen. We swear and tell our friends about it.

But some people still actually go to the trouble of picking up their telephonic device and complaining for real. Ooph, who could be bothered, right? A lot of angries, that’s who.

Australians with phones also pay taxes. Taxes go to the government. The government pays for the ABC. So – you guessed it – the ABC gets the most complaints. Drumming up a whopping 12 investigations from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Followed closely by Channel 7 on six complaints, Channel 9 on 5 and Channel 10 on 3. 

So what are the most complained about shows? These ones, that’s what:

  • The Drum
  • Dumb, Drunk and Racist
  • Catalyst
  • Lateline
  • Gruen Transfer
  • Four Corners
  • Q & A

Wait…but why?

Because the ABC is run by a bunch of biased lefties, OBVIOUSLY. Virginia Trioli from ABC News Breakfast and Leigh Sales of 7.30 fame were also allegedly targeted by viewers for being too biased in their individual interviews with Tony Abbott and Environment Minister Greg Hunt. And Tony Jones was targeted for being, well, Tony Jones.

Here’s an example of what some of them looked like…

“Monday’s Q & A was once again compared atrociously by Tony Jones. His snide, sarcastic interruptions of the only panel member not of the left is to be condemned. He does it week after week and clearly has not been brought into line by senior managers. His left-wing extremism, like that of all your current affairs presenters, is disgraceful.”

While shows such as Q & A and Four Corners ARE controversial, we think there’s a few other ABC shows that need complaining about…

  • Peppa Pig– for encouraging mud-rolling and feminism.

  • Bananas in Pyjamas – for encouraging children to wear Pyjamas outside the house

  • ABC News – for having a theme song that is too catchy.
  • Kitchen Cabinet – for showing us that Malcolm Turnbull can cook

Because now we love him even more. And we’re hungry.

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