The 11 people to avoid on public transport.

As someone who has travelled on public transport pretty much daily for the past decade, I’ve had a lot of time to observe commuters. And without doubt, these are the 11 types I always, ALWAYS, try to avoid. Value your sanity? You’ll do the same.

1. The sniffer.

This person ALWAYS has a cold, but never has any tissues. Ever. 

2. The one who takes up too much space.

This person sits with their legs wide apart, leaving you squished and holding onto the seat in front of you for dear life.

3. The loudmouth.

The person who decides to catch up with their entire contact list at the top of their lungs. In peak hour traffic. 

4. The over- sharer.

This person wants everyone in sight to know their day/week/life plans. Because they popular y’all.

5. The one who stands on the bus. Even when there are seats.

I. Just. Don’t. Understand.

6. The ‘what is personal space’ person.

The person who chooses to sit next to you even when there’s a million other seats available. 

7. The blarer.

The person who listens to music so loudly, you walk around with ‘Wrecking Ball’ in your head. All day.

8. The Technology Addict.

This person views public transport as a portable office. They require 10 minutes advance warning your stop is approaching so they can pack up their gadgets and let you past.

9. The PDA couple.

Come on guys. We get it. You’re totes hot and in love. Now stop slobbering over each other (please?).

10. The Foodie.

The person who decides to eat their leftovers on a compact, non ventilated, peak-hour bus/ train. This then leaves everyone feeling: a) Starving. 

or b) Repulsed. 

11. The hater.

The person who spends their journeys hating on everyone else. Oh wait….

What do you think? Are there any other types of people to avoid on public transport?