Feast your eyes on 23 of the world's most amazing cabins.

At some point we’ve all wished the life had a pause button.

That time could stand still for a week or two and we could relax and take some time away from the world.

There’s no better place to do that than a cabin. They’re cozy, they’re remote and they’re just so darn adorable.

You can ‘be at one with nature’ or simply enjoy time away from people, in a hot bath with a glorious view.

23. Let’s ease in with your run-of-the-mill log cabin.

Elizabeth Parker Hut, Yoho National Park, British Columbia. Photo by Emanuel Smedbøl. #cabinporn

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22. Perfect for hermits … or fugitives.

21. Because bears.

Treehouse in Northern Idaho. More photos and the whole story in the #cabinporn book.

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20. For those affluent few who like to live in mansions, even in the middle of nowhere.

19. The perfect winter hideaway.

The Tagert 10th Mountain Ski Hut under the first snow of Fall, near Aspen, CO. Photograph by @jace_cooke.

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18. One step and you're swimming.

17. For the bug lovers.


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16. So quaint. Much silence.

15. For the spiritual.

Tag someone you want to stay here with. j/k it's a church, you can't stay here ⛪️

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14. Why not build your cabin some friends?

13. It's like a granny flat on acid.

@fosterhunting is living the dream. #cabinporn at its best. #radculture #keepitwild

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12. It's time to start living your best life.

11. So. Much. Space.

10. This takes sleeping under the stars to a whole new level.

9. For those who like to watch their enemies approach from afar.

People refer to it as the Dr Suess House and as you can imagine, there are all kinds of legendary stories surrounding its creation. The actual name is Goose Creek Tower; it sits on 500 acres along the Susitna River and at 18 stories and 185 feet, it's one of the tallest wooden structures in the world. The framework is all 6x12" and 12x12" center cut Douglas Fir timbers, with about 60,000 pounds of steel reinforcement. Although it looks like it might topple over, it already survived an earthquake and it continues to stand solid. Many of the stories were actually built on the ground and lifted into place with a crane. The views are incredible, to say the least, and many stories have full wrap around decks and huge picture windows to take in the Talkeetna Mountains, the Alaska Range, Denali, the Susitna River, and even as far as the Homer Spit on a clear day. The bottom level is a 40x40' Swedish scribe style log cabin made from Alaskan Nenana logs and there's a central elevator chamber that connects lower level living spaces with upper level observatories. Upper levels feature cozy nooks that will be filled with wool rugs, bear skins, oversize pillows, and are designed to be spaces for lounging, contemplation, reading, and having good conversations. Among other things, the owner is a poet and he says he built Goose Creek Tower as a poem to the sky. Naturally many people want to see this place for themselves but the owner asks that you please do not trespass on his property. In addition to just respecting his privacy, this is a working construction site and it's dangerous. Once completed, he says he will host tours for the public. If you're in the area and feel like you just have to see it now, he may be available to show it to you. You can DM me and I'll put you in contact with him.

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8. Ice skating in Winter, swimming in the lake in Summer. Win-win.

7. Be right back, moving to New Zealand.

Brewster Hut in the Haast Pass on the South Island of New Zealand. Contribued by Derek Chinn.

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6. It has fairy lights AND a swing bridge. C'mon people.

5. Because a Cabin Castle is the foundation of fairytales.

4. A cabin so big you'd never have to leave.

#cabinporn via @samuelelkins #radculture #keepitwild #washington

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3. A bit of a fixer-upper ...

It's a fixer upper. #modernthrift #cabinporn

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2. Norway? Norway.

1. That's it, we're quitting our jobs and buying an island in the middle of a lake.

#cabinporn | Photo by @chrisburkard. Location: Maligne Lake, Canada. So, so awesome... #radculture #keepitwild

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