6 women share exactly how they get ready quicker in the mornings.

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Ask any woman how she’s doing, and the chances are she’ll tell you she’s busy.

In 2020, it feels like our lives have never been more hectic as we try to juggle work, the mental load, kids, hobbies, health, fitness and friendships. The struggle is real.

The good news is, the right morning routine can really save time and get you out the door faster. Batch cooking breakfast, laying out clothes the night before and having a no-fuss skincare regime can all help.

On that note about skincare, our first tip would be to find products that do a lot without needing a zillion beauty-fad ingredients or irritating fragrances.

QV Face Moisturising Day Cream SPF 30 is a hard worker, doing three things: it moisturises your skin, it has SPF30 broad spectrum protection to help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and it has Vitamin B3 to help reduce skin sensitivity. So that’s already saving you time in your busy day.

Now, let’s find out from six women what their personal hacks are for getting ready quicker in the mornings.


“I have three young kids and a full-time job, so in the morning I prioritise what I need to do from home (lunch boxes, etc) and make the most of my commute to do the rest. I usually apply serum just before leaving the house, then put on moisturiser while walking to the bus stop, and do my makeup on the bus while listening to podcasts.

“It saves me five to 10 minutes that I can spend with my kids rather than in front of the mirror, it frees up the bathroom for everyone else, and it also means I don’t put lipstick on the kids’ faces when I kiss them goodbye. You want to be careful when putting mascara or lipstick on in a moving bus, though.”


“I do so many things the night before so I can sleep for longer in the mornings. My husband thinks I am a bit crazy. I choose my outfit, down to my shoes, then lay out my makeup and jewellery on my dressing table. I even pour my cereal in a bowl and cover it. I always wash my hair in the evenings then wear it in a bun for work the following day.”

Janine lays out everything she'll need the night before. Image: Supplied.


"I go to the gym before work in the mornings so I have to be organised. I pack what I'm going to wear for work in my backpack and then lay out my gym gear and runners beside my bed. I have lunch packed in the fridge and ready to put straight in my bag, and I leave my headphones on charge overnight so they're always ready to go when I am. I wear my hair up and don't do anything to my face until after my session. Then it's moisturiser with SPF, with a more elaborate skincare routine at night when I have time."


"I'm always a last-minute person, so you'll never see me preparing my lunch or selecting my outfit for work the night before but everyone needs to save time, right? My hair is both a blessing and a curse. It's my favourite feature, but it does gets oily really quickly so to keep it looking clean, I use dry shampoo or tie it up. Alternatively, on occasion, I only wash my scalp and keep the rest of my hair dry. This saves me a good 40 minutes of using the blow dryer."

Millie saves major blow-drying time by only washing her scalp or using dry shampoo. Image: Supplied.


"My biggest thing for saving time in the morning is deciding what I'm going to wear the night before and having everything ironed. I always check the weather and my diary to see what meetings I have on to help me decide on what's most appropriate. Also, when I can afford it, having a Brazilian Blowout and eyelash extensions are both life changing (and minute saving!), you look 'done' without putting any effort in and it means I get to sleep for longer."


"This will make me sound like a super fun person - not - but I deal with our weekday mornings in a very precise way. The night before, my outfit, down to bra and jewellery, and my son's school uniforms are ready to roll. We also do shoes by the door, count the lunch money, sign notes; basically get things sorted. This is because, whilst I'm grateful to be alive when I wake up, I also hate waking up. Getting out of bed is the worst thing I have to do every day. Gah. My body works, but my brain doesn't - so if I didn't deal with the details the previous night, the mornings would be a disaster and we'd forget everything and be late constantly.

"Luckily, neither of us can stomach even the thought of breakfast until 10am, so that also saves us time; it's only coffee for me, and an Up & Go for my kid. After a shower, I literally slap make up on my face - it takes two mins max for CC cream, eyebrows, lipstick, mascara - and then we are Audi 500. (That's a reference from Reality Bites; yes, I am old.)"

Whatever your morning routine looks like, make it easier with QV Face Moisturising Day Cream SPF 30, skincare that multi-tasks as good as you do.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Avoid prolonged sun exposure and wear protective clothing, hats and eyewear to further reduce risk. Frequent re-application is required*.

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