We try a 'morning rave' - and discover it's the most fun you can have at 7am.

Image: Lizzie and Monique post-rave.

I’m standing outside an abandoned hospital building, waiting to be welcomed downstairs. There are people around me chatting, excited for what’s ahead. There’s lycra, glitter and sequins everywhere. The atmosphere is electric.

Oh — and it’s seven in the morning.

Welcome to Morning Gloryville. The only high at this club is from the coffee and juice supplied, and there’s a DJ, dance floor, yoga, massages and breakfast.

The point of it all? To rave your way into the working day.

Check out a sneak peak in the video below. (Post continues after video.)

As I walk in bleary-eyed, not really knowing what to expect, I quickly realise what Morning Gloryville is all about. It’s simple, really, and something I often forget to do: have fun. Good, clean fun.

After a face paint, a stretch and a coffee, I start boogying away… and completely forget what time it it, where I am, and that I have to leave for work shortly.

The music is loud and the dance floor is more exciting than a packed nightclub after midnight. The only downside is when the time comes to drag myself outside and head off to work.

Lizzie and Mons before (left) and five minutes in to the Morning Gloryville rave. (Image: supplied.)

While it probably isn't going to be as effective for getting your heart rate up as a morning boot camp, Morning Gloryville is definitely a better workout for your smile muscles. Plus, things get pretty damn sweaty on the dance floor.

I also learned a 7am rave gives you loads of energy for the day ahead, and delivers a huge boost for your happiness levels.

Often, especially during the working week, we get too bogged-down with work and responsibility and we forget how to play. Morning Gloryville is the perfect solution.

After leaving the rave, I get to work by 8.30am and you'd never be able to tell what I was up to before. Except for the massive smile I can't wipe off my face... and the sprinkle of glitter still stuck in my hair.

Have you ever tried something like this? Tell us about it.

You can read more about Morning Gloryville, and find out when their next event is in a city near you here