Partying teens ignored their dying friend until it was too late.

Five teenage boys have been found guilty of perverting the course of justice after they moved the body of their dying friend from a party.

16-year-old Morgan Huelin collapsed at the party on the UK island of Jersey after taking at least four different types of drugs.

After being discovered slumped in the garage the five boys decided to remove Morgan from the premises and dragged his body approximately 160 metres to a laneway near the property, where he eventually died, the Sun reports.

The boys told the court they did not call for an ambulance out of fear of a police investigation, which would have found further illegal drugs and images of child abuse at the property.

While Judge Bridget Shaw said that calling for an ambulance would have been “the obvious thing to do,” she also noted, “Teenagers don’t have the foresight of adults and they can’t actually believe that someone is going to die and this probably hadn’t crossed their minds.”

Morgan’s body was eventually discovered by a local the following morning, who was out walking her dog and came across three of the five boys at the scene. When she asked why they had not called an ambulance, the boys appeared “vague and monosyllabic.”

The Victoria College headmaster speaks out following Morgan Huelin’s death. Post continues after video…

Despite initially being arrested on suspicion of murder, the charges have since been downgraded.

Upon searching the property police discovered MDMA, LSD and etizolam, as well as four indecent images of children.

Following the verdict, Morgan’s parents realeased a public statement about the loss of their son, saying,  “The devastation we feel at the loss of Morgan is just indescribable.

“Morgan was hard-working and conscientious.

“He wanted to be a doctor. He just wanted to help people.

“Morgan was outgoing and loved talking to people, he was kind, caring and compassionate. All the qualities he would have needed to be a doctor we loved in our son.

“His three siblings all looked up to him as the big brother and they doted on each other.

“He was sporty, playing rugby for his school and the island, and hockey for the school as well. He played the guitar and the harmonica.

“He had a wicked sense of humour and was always teasing us.”

All five boys were released on bail and will be sentenced at a later date.

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