One simple thing you can do today to improve your health tomorrow..

What if I told you there was one thing you could do each day to improve your diet?


Every day we drive ourselves crazy about what we’re eating. I do it myself. I can safely say that I think about what I eat a hundred million times a day. Sadly I’m not exaggerating.

I want to be healthy. I want to look good and feel good. We all do. But it’s so confusing. We’re constantly asking ourselves, Is this healthy enough? Did I eat too much of it? Does it have too much sugar? Too many carbs? Too much fat? Too little fat? Too many calories? Did I drink enough water today?

Whatever happened to sitting down, eating something, enjoying it and then moving on with your day?

 Just as an FYI, you should know that this is an advertorial for Benefiber&#174.

What if I told you there was one thing you could do each day to improve your diet? It’s something we’re forgetting to do, too distracted by the latest diet and exercise fad. It all comes down to a forgotten food that we should all be having plenty of every single day, and that’s fibre.

Fibre is so ridiculously underrated. When it comes to health and wellness, fibre is the nutrient we all need more but don’t get enough of. Fibre helps our bodies get rid of all the stuff it doesn’t want or need.  When you make a healthy change, where do you think it all goes? Out, that’s where. It’s what keeps our digestive systems working at their peak by not only improving regularity, fibre can also stimulate the growth and activity of good bacteria in your gut.

So, how much fibre are you actually eating?

You may think you’re doing okay when it comes to fibre intake because you’re getting in a salad each day or a serving of fruit or vegetables, but it turns out that most of us aren’t eating enough fibre each day.

I thought I was doing pretty well but when I check out Benefiber&#174’s Fibre Calculator I found out that I’m just under where I need to be when it comes to fibre intake, just under the 25 grams I should be consuming each day. But the last thing I need is something else to worry about when it comes to food. I have enough food anxiety as it is.

Thankfully it’s really easy to increase your fibre intake. Just add Benefiber&#174.

Benefiber&#174 makes increasing your daily fibre intake easy and the brilliant thing is it’s derived from 100% natural ingredients. It’s actual, real fibre that is natural and dissolves completely, with no taste whatsoever. All you need to do is add it to a drink (except fizzy drinks) or soft foods and you’ve increased your fibre intake by 20-25%. It’s that simple. Then you can stop feeling like you have to scientifically analyse what you’re eating and just enjoy it.

Most of us could use extra fibre. Then there are those of us who could use an extra hand when it comes to digestive health, whether it be because we’ve been working too hard, eating too many of the wrong things or just not making healthy choices.  Symptoms like bloating, tummy aches and pains, and sluggishness, can affect all parts of your life. How many remedies and medicines have you tried?  Why not try Benefiber&#174?

It’s never been easier to increase your daily fibre. Add Benefiber&#174 to your trolley the next time you are doing your weekly food shopping and go back to simply enjoying your food.

When you’re distracted by digestion issues, you can’t think clearly. It may be that you’re not getting enough fibre in your daily diet. Benefiber&#174 is a 100% natural daily fibre boost that dissolves into almost anything you can think of.
Benefiber&#174. Think clear.
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