'My husband thought he drank a regular cup of water. I don't know if I can tell him the truth.'

There’s no doubt mooncups are revolutionary. They save you money, they’re good for the environment and they’re easy to use.

But the fact that they’re reuseable means they er… need to be cleaned.

So, one woman did just that. And now she’s found herself in a spot of bother.

The Mumsnet user (aptly named mooncupbeverage) took to the site to share her predicament following the sterilising of her mooncup.

“This morning I sterilised my mooncup (hasn’t been sterilised since last period) in boiling water in a mug,” she wrote.

She pulled it out of the water, but in a rush to get her children out to school she forgot to empty the water and put the mug in the dishwasher.

This shouldn’t be an issue – right? She could just tidy up when she gets home…

Except her husband had recently taken to drinking hot water on occasion instead of coffee.

Yes, you can see where this is going.

“He drank the mooncup water and was finishing the mug as he left for work,” she wrote.

“There’s no point telling him is there?”


The general consensus with fellow Mumsnet users was 'DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TELL HIM' and honestly, same.

"No never tell, take it to your grave," one reply read.

"Good god no don't tell him. What on earth would it achieve," said another.

One commenter said the husband was not the only victim here.

"Presumably you will have to kiss that mouth later? So don't feel bad, that can be your karma ????."

The original poster went on to say that she felt "a bit bad" but at least she'd rinsed the cup since her last period.

Plus, she had used a mug that is most definitely not kept with their usual drinking mugs so... He should've known better, apparently. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She originally she probably would not to tell him and "try and erase it from my memory" but then admitted it'd probably come out at some point after a few too many drinks.

"He does have his steak blue and I have ingested his bodily fluids (actual bodily fluids as opposed to the possibility of anything left on the mooncup after rinsed and boiled)," she concluded.

Good god. We are so done.

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