Monique Bowley conducts a behind the scenes tour of the Mamamia office.

It was a cold, lonely Wednesday night. Monz was in the Sydney Mamamia office, with only a few of us for company.

So she took it upon herself to give her snapchat followers (all 6 of them) a Le Tour De Mamamia!

Watch Monz take us through the wall of fame, and on an entirely different note, the door of fame.

Follow her as she shows us the podcast studio, where there is definitely no eating allowed, but there is also definitely some Cadbury chocolate on the table.

And observe as she plays the magical book game, where you pick a book from the bookcase and whichever one you choose tells you the story of your LIFE.

I got The Vagina Monologues. FML.

Come, take a look around, eat some chocolate, make yourself at home. There are plenty of tampons for everybody.

(And for more of her on Snapchat, her ID is: moniquebowley)