"My talk today is about grown-ups." The seven-year-old Australian who just delivered a TED Talk.

A seven-year-old Australian girl has become the youngest person in the world to give a TED Talk.

In April, Molly Wright, a primary school student from Queensland, spoke at the Sydney Opera House about the importance of parents and guardians interacting with their children from birth.

Since Molly's talk was shared online this week, the video has received almost half a million views.

Watch a clip from Molly Wright's TED Talk below. Post continues after video.

Video via A Current Affair.

"My talk today is about things grown-ups can do to shape us as children," Molly shared in the seven-minute presentation.

"Our brains develop faster in our early years than at any other time in our lives," she explained.

"And by my age it is almost 90 per cent the volume of an adult brain."

During the talk, Molly spoke about the dangers of parents spending time on their devices rather than paying attention to their children.

"I know it’s important for adults to use their devices sometimes but kids are hard wired to seek out meaningful connections," Molly said.

"Not receiving them creates confusion and stress," she added.

"Our brains grow faster in the early years than at any other time in our lives – connect, talk and play with us."

She also suggested that playing simple games like Peek-a-Boo can significantly impact a young child's life.


"Every moment is an opportunity to connect, talk and play," she said.

"Imagine the difference we could make if everyone, everywhere did this."

Molly's TED Talk, which was delivered without using cue cards or a teleprompter, received a standing ovation.

The seven-year-old was carefully selected as a spokesperson for organisation Thrive for Five, a Minderoo Foundation initiative that campaigns for better early education options for children in the first 1,000 days of their life.

"Sometimes we feel we get advice from everybody and sometimes we can feel defensive, and I think a message coming from a seven-year-old girl who has packaged this up so that anyone can listen to it, it's compelling," Minderoo Foundation founder Nicola Forrest told A Current Affair.

"This is a message that we want to go around the world to all parents, all cultures, all countries," she added.

"It's not so much about the intelligence side, it is about the nurturing and those first few years of contact, of eye contact, of playing and responding, is what is so important."


Speaking to A Current Affair, Molly shared that she was nervous ahead of her speech.

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"I felt a little bit [nervous] when all the people came but I warmed into it a lot, I really liked it, it was a great experience," she said.

"I feel like I would help so many people," she added, speaking to The Courier Mail.

"Babies can’t speak for themselves so I was trying to speak for them and say, please connect with your children because it’s really important you do that."

In the coming months, Molly's TED Talk will be shown in maternity wards and doctor's waiting rooms across Australia.

UNICEF will also promote the seven-minute speech on a worldwide basis.

You can watch Molly Wright's full TED Talk here.

Image: TED.

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