Molly Meldrum crashed the stage at Delta Goodrem's concert and it got awkward... fast.

They’ve been friends for years, and Molly Meldrum has always been Delta Goodrem’s number one supporter.

But when the legend of the Aussie music scene gatecrashed the 31-year-old’s Melbourne show last night, things got a little awkward.

Molly was trying to request that Delta perform an encore of one of his favourite tracks…but he couldn’t quite remember what it was called.

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“The last song before this one…I want you to do it again,” he said.

“The one before that one!” he said, getting the crowd to back him up in begging for the tune.

But Molly had no time for niceties when Delta tried to clarify the exact song he wanted her to sing.


“Do you mean Just Call?” she tentatively asked, before Molly grabbed the mic back off her and said, “just sing the f***ing song, sorry!”

Luckily, Molly’s potty-mouthed outburst got the crowd laughing, but Delta still felt the need to apologise to her younger fans who may have heard the cursing.

“Sorry my loves!” she said.

Fans who were at the performance described the moment as “a life highlight” and that Molly’s presence was the best part of the night.

We can always count on Molly to spice things up, right?