The Modern Mumma breaks down after trolls relentlessly attack her.

Mel Watts, more commonly known to those in the virtual world as the Modern Mumma, has broken down in a new video after trolls relentlessly attacked her for a recent Facebook update.

In a five minute piece to camera, Watts said commenters had said “hundreds of horrible things” after her post last weekend, in which she unabashedly detailed how she and her husband had a “daytime quickie”.

“I’m not normally your day time quickie kinda person but today I thought the amount of effort he has put into every sexual advance it would just be plain mean of me,” the popular blogger wrote at the time, explaining it’s not easy being married to someone keen to get down all the time.

The relatable post quickly went viral, with more than 5000 people sharing her words and engaging in her conversation.

However, as Watts details in her Youtube video, with viral fame and thousands of shares come just as many trolls — and it’s the type of fame, she thinks, that just isn’t worth it.

Visibly shaken and fighting back tears, the Central Coast-based mum outlined how horrific the abuse had been in the last few days and how it had shaken her to her core.

“It made me sit there and think, ‘Wow, what the f*ck have I done?'” she said.

“All I did was write an opinion and everyone has taken that to the point of saying horrible things that aren’t true.”

Watts also admitted she didn’t expect the post to be shared so widely.

“I didn’t ask for it to go viral… I just wrote it. It’s just that so many other women agreed with and chose to share it. I’m a good wife and I am a really good mother and most of all I’m a really good friend,” she said.

“I don’t understand how people can say this kind of stuff and be so nasty to people they don’t even know.”

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