"Thank you to the man who would do anything for his family."

Things you do don’t go unnoticed, even though I know I sometimes forget to acknowledge it loudly. And I know I don’t tell you how much I appreciate you as much as I should.

Every morning we wish that you didn’t have to leave us. We know how hard you work for us and how much you wish you were here. Every morning text you send, “Have a great day beautiful I love you,” is never unnoticed. Though I have forgotten to reply to a few, you’ve never missed a day.

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My day is filled with trying to do as much as I can so when you come home you don’t have to do anything but play with your babies. However, as you know this doesn’t really ever happen.

You never complain about coming home and cleaning. Not once have you ever said to me ,“This should be done before I get home,” even though I feel terrible you help.

You see, without you here the kids don’t seem to be themselves either. They think you go to work to play and have lunch with your friends. They don’t understand that daddy isn’t there for play dates and would do anything to be home with us.

Preschoolers don’t understand – our daughter misses you so much and all she wants is Daddy home. Our baby often goes to the door where she knows at some point you’ll enter. She keeps repeating “DADADA” and when you don’t reply “Hey Bubba Boo” she crawls back to me.

Some days you may think we’re having the time of our lives, but in reality, we aren’t. I’m putting bandaids on boo boos but not the way Daddy does it. I can’t seem to cut sandwiches like you do, and I try to rock the baby to sleep just like you do, however she is laughing in my face.


The pre teen argues and hates everything about me. To be honest, we’re just not the same without you.

You come home sweaty, dirty and tired. You leave your work problems in the car and you come inside where not one of us cares about your trade or your qualifications.

We only care about one title and that’s the most important title of all, “Daddy.”

Finally our first family photo as six. That was easy…. or not. Aydens last photo of being 10.

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I can see you’re tired, your eyes can tell a million stories. I can tell you’ve had a hard day, your hands are clenched from pain.

But you never let that bother you. You let the kids tell you stories about their day. You let the kids jump and climb all over you. You tell them to pull your finger – each time they burst into laughter.

Finally the last few hours we have with you until the bedtime routine is filled with laughter and the darkness I was trying to brighten all day has disappeared.

So here’s to you.

A man that works hard.

A man who would do anything for his family.

A man who changes nappies.

A man who is so much more than a “step” parent.

A man who dresses up as a fairy – a hairy one.

A man who fixes scooters.

A man who plays peek-a-boo.

A man who would rather stay at home with us every single time.

A man who leaves for work every morning and comes homes at night.

I appreciate you. Every single time I really do. Without you, this foundation would crumble.

Thank you for being the most amazing role model!

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