Bravo. Australian model takes a stand against photoshop in the best way possible.

Australian model Meaghan Kausman has taken a stand against photoshop in the best way possible.

The Aussie model and student recently did a campaign wearing the brand Fella Swim. But when the brand uploaded a photoshopped image to their Instagram account – that showed Meaghan looking like a size 4, instead of a size 8 – she took to social media to express her dissatisfaction.

Meaghan shared a picture of the images – the original and the photoshopped version – side by side on Instagram, and slammed fashion brands that continue to alter women’s bodies to sell clothes

Her post read:

“I recently did a photoshoot wearing Fella Swim, with an extremely passionate and talented underwater photographer, Pip. Her photos are magical; they capture women in water and celebrate their beauty. This morning I was extremely shocked to see that Fella Swim had uploaded a photoshopped version of Pip’s original photo to their Instagram page.”

She continued, “I refuse to stand by and allow ANY company or person to perpetuate the belief that ‘thinner is better.’ All women are beautiful, and we come in different shapes and sizes! This industry is crazy!!!! It is NOT OKAY to alter a woman’s body to make it look thinner. EVER!”

Fella Swim appear to have since removed the photoshopped image from Instagram.

Meaghan is the daughter of body image campaigner Dr Rick Kausman, who advocates a ‘non-diet’ approach to health – and his views seem to have rubbed off on his daughter.

She told Cosmopolitan magazine: “Because of who my dad is and the way I’ve been brought up, I’ve never felt any pressure to look a certain way. And if people can take one thing away from all of this it should be to love who you are, which I know can be hard, but it’s so important for people to feel comfortable in themselves and not to strive for something that doesn’t exist.

“That photo wasn’t me, and the reality is no one looks like that. It’s so important for people to realise how heavily Photoshopped these kinds of images are.”

Meaghan’s Instagram post is pretty damn brave – and for that we say bravo.

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