NSFW: The new Hunger Games poster is accidentally (and hilariously) rude.

The odds are certainly not in this graphic designer’s favour…

Somebody’s going to get fired.

The new poster for the much anticipated next instalment of the Hunger Games is attracting a lot of attention. Though perhaps not for the reasons you’d expect.

Mockingjay- Part 2 is set for release in 100 days. So, the studio released a brand new poster to excite the series’ loyal fans. Only- they made a mistake. Of the four-letter-word variety.

Image via Twitter

The poster is dark and moody, and it’s as epic as you would expect from such a high-action franchise. It features an intense close up on protagonist Katniss Everdeen’s (Jennifer Lawrence) eyes, covered in war paint and emblazoned with the phrase- “100 Days Until The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2.”

Only, that’s not really what it says.

Take a closer look.

Now look again.

Closer. CLOSER.


Here it is: Some unfortunate typographic placement makes it look like it says the C-word.

In block font.

To be plastered on computer screens and 50 foot billboards all around the world.

Oh dear.


You can check out the trailer of the film (courtesy of The Hunger Games) below:

Video via Warner Bros

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