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1. Sydney mobile phone shop fined after faulty USB charger killed woman by electrocuting her through her headphones.

A Sydney mobile phone store has been fined by NSW Fair Trading after it sold a faulty USB phone charger to a mother-of-two who was electrocuted and killed.

Sheryl Anne Aldeguer ,28, purchased a $5 phone charger that sent a high-voltage electrical pulse into her earphones from a store in Campsie.

The mother-of- two was found dead by friends in her North Gosford home in April 2014 wearing headphones and with burn marks on her ears and chest. A laptop was resting on the Sheryl Aldeguer’s chest when her body was discovered.

The shop owner, Huadi Bi, and her company, Hua Yang Australia, faced two charges for selling the allegedly faulty phone charger and adapter.

Yesterday the company was fined $6,000 after civil action brought by NSW Fair Trading, despite the maximum penalty being $550,000.

Ms Bi received $18,000 in fines from a maximum of $55,000.

“We’re a little bit disappointed with the financial penalty imposed, given what the maximum could have been,” Fair Trade Commissioner Rod Stowe told Nine News.

2. Kim Kardashian story only made one Paris newspaper.

Reality star Kim Kardashian’s robbery at The No Address Hotel in Paris where masked men dressed as police officers took two phones and approximately $10 million worth of jewellry, including a $4 million ring, failed to make news in France with only one newspaper reporting her ordeal.

Le Parisien was the only paper to feature the high profile robbery reports The Daily Mail.

It isn’t unusual for the French media to avoid reporting on celebrities due to France’s strict privacy laws.

The thieves stole Kardashian’s 20-carat emerald-cut Lorraine Schwartz ring worth a reported $4.5million (€4 million /£3.5 million) and a jewellry box worth $6.7 million (€6 million/ £5.24 million).

Police in Paris are hunting for five suspected assailants.

3. Tony Abbott “believes he can be PM again.”

tony abbott criticises government
Tony Abbott believes he can be PM again.
Fairfax Media


Mr Abbott is said to be using an around-the-world tour to “spruik” his legacy as prime minister.

Liberals told Fairfax Media they had not ruled out the possibility of an Abbott comeback and that as Mr Turnbull had failed to improve his chances at a fresh bid for the top job were increasing.

4. Lifeline has introduced a new crisis category for calls relating to the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

Suicide prevention hotline new category for calls relating to the same-sex marriage plebiscite. Image via iStock.

Suicide prevention helpline Lifeline has introduced a new crisis category for calls relating to the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that volunteers at Lifeline are asked to enter the main reason for a call when dealing with people seeking help, and a new option is now the"2016 Marriage Equality Plebiscite".

A spokesman for Lifeline told Fairfax Media: "Lifeline routinely records data on issues faced by communities – be they natural disasters or key social issues."

"By capturing information around certain issues, Lifeline can better measure the community impact of them and ensure our services can respond accordingly."

For help: Lifeline 13 11 14. 

5. TV stars who drugged baby with cocaine in breastmilk avoid jail.

A couple who worked as TV reporters have avoided jail and instead been sentenced to a year of probation after their baby was found with cocaine in her system.

Krystin Rae Lisaius and husband Somchai Lisaius, former Tucson TV station reporters, were sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to endangerment Tuscon News Now reports.

Police say the baby was taken to a hospital May 15 after being breastfed and appearing to be in distress.

The couple refused to allow a blood test on the baby but eventually allowed urine tests.

The tests found cocaine in the 4-month-old baby's body, and police learned the couple had a party the night before.

“It should be noted that at no time according to the report did either parent tell the hospital staff about the mother’s cocaine use the night before and Krystin continued to breast feed while at the hospital,” one detective wrote in a report.


Krystin Lisaius admitted later that she had snorted cocaine the night before with her husband but she said she didn’t know the drug would still be in her system 12 hours later when she breastfed her daughter.

The baby is now being cared for by her maternal grandmother but her mother is allowed 24 hours access and her father 12 hours access a day.

6. Andy Murray stalked by maid who broke into his room and stroked his arm.

Tennis champion Andy Murray has said he was stalked around Europe by a hotel maid who once woke him by entering his bedroom and stroking his arm while he was asleep.

Murray told an interviewer, while promoting the International Premier Tennis League, “At one of the tournaments I played, a maid in the hotel ... I had a ‘do not disturb’ sign on, on the door, and she came in and sat on my bed and started stroking my arm at about seven in the morning when I was still sleeping, and then turned up at a couple more tournaments in the hotels that I was playing at in Rotterdam and Barcelona.

“I don’t know if that’s a fan thing - that’s a bit extreme - but that happened.”

7. Couple charged for skin-to-skin contact after c-section.

The Reddit user shared this image. Via Imgur.

A couple have been charged to hold their baby in a US hospital.

Reddit user halfthrottle shared a photo of his itemised bill with the caption: “I had to pay $39.35 to hold my baby after he was born.”

Instead of being outraged the new dad said he and his partner were amused by the charge saying they were “laughing about it”.

During the C-section the nurse asked my wife if she would like to do skin to skin after the baby was born,” he explained. “Which of course anyone would say yes too.

“We just noticed it in the bill today and had a laugh. All these internet points I've been showered with make me feel better about the $40. This could be my proudest moment as a father.”

He added: “I was able to hold the baby on my wife's chest. Her arms were tied to the table and the nurse was there to remind me not to let go so the baby didn't fall.”

A nurse pointed out that the charges are for the extra staff member that needs to be there.

8. Secret objects hidden in walls to ward off evil spirits reveal hidden past of Australia.

A historian has documented the secret objects hidden in walls to ward off evil spirits.

Ian Evans, from Newcastle University has found mummified cats, children’s shoes and anti-witch symbols known as hexafoils and merels hidden in the walls of homes, under floors and in secret cavities of buildings around Australia.

News Limited reports that Mr Evans said the objects concealed under floorboards, in roofs and the voids of houses were placed there by early settlers fearing evil spirits.

He has now launched an investigation hoping to find more concealed objects called the Tasmanian Magic Project.

“It is the last great secret of old Australian houses,” he said.

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