Everything we know about Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom's love story.

From a random meeting at a friend’s birthday party, to the “perfect” engagement, Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom are hours away from saying ‘I do’, after two years of dating.

The Australian rules footballer and model got engaged in October last year and have since been inseparable since.

As we wait for the first glimpses of their wedding photos, this is everything we know about their relationship.

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How did Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom meet?

As with all great romantic relationships, it started with a meet cute.

Speaking to Mia Freedman on Mamamia’s No Filter podcast, Moana, 31, said she met Isabella at a friend’s birthday party in early 2017, and the attraction was immediate.

“I knew straight away it was not going to be anything short term,” she said.

Moana Hope talks to Mia Freedman about her inspirational career, her love for her sister Livinia, and her relationship with girlfriend Isabella Carlstrom. Post continues below.

When did they get engaged?

Isabella popped the question on October 4, 2018, and despite the unorthodox location – a cemetery – Moana dubbed it the “perfect” proposal.

“I told her that if she ever wanted to marry me she had to ask my dad… So she asked me to marry her at my Dad’s tombstone, so he was there when she asked me,” she shared in an Instagram post.

“It could never, ever get anymore perfect then this…. I said yes. Wedding bells are here.”


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They’ve been very open about their family plans.

Although they’re yet to ‘tie the knot,’ Moana and Isabella have already discussed their future plans for children.

“I want to have a family,” she said.

“She also wants a family. It’s something we’re actually talking about right now.

“I’d love to have three, but I think we’d be blessed to have any kids. I think kids are beautiful.”

As for who will be carrying their child, they’re planning on taking it in turns, depending on their careers.

At the time of their recording in September 2018, Moana was playing for the North Melbourne Football Club in the AFLW, however she was delisted at the end of the 2019 season. She currently plays for Melbourne’s Williamstown FC, which is apart of the Victorian Football League.

“For me personally, moving forward, I want to play football for 10 more years,” she explained.

“[Bella] will carry our first little one, which I have wanted a child forever, so I’m super excited about that.”


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The couple currently live in Melbourne with Moana’s younger sister Lavinia (Vinny), 26, who has been diagnosed with Möbius syndrome – a rare congenital neurological disorder which can cause facial paralysis, limb abnormalities and speech issues. At 26, Moana became Vinny’s sole carer.

“I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I can look after Vinnie. Vinnie is my sister, and my best friend… I don’t see it how everyone else sees it,” she told Mamamia, adding that Vinny calls both her and Isabella ‘mum’.

“It’s beautiful that everyone thinks I’m this big, amazing teddy bear, but I’m sure you’d do it for your family, too.”

What do we know about their wedding?

So far we have a date (today), and a clue as to what, and who, Moana will be wearing.

Moana Hope partner
We can't wait for the big reveal. Image: Instagram.

According to her Instagram, we can expect them to be wearing suits. Teasing her wedding outfit, Moana shared two Instagram stories with Melbourne-based designer Effie Kats, who is known for her custom suit creations.

Kats' pieces have also been seen on the likes of Georgia Love, Pip Edwards, Laura Dundović and Bachelor alum, Florence Alexandra. She also dressed Moana and Isabella at their engagement party in December, 2018.


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Speaking to The West Australian the month prior to announcing their engagement in 2018, Isabella said they were planning on having an intimate family ceremony.

“I’ve never really fantasised about a wedding or getting married but with Mo I want it all,” she said.

“I’ll be getting my brother as a bridesmaid, we’ll be breaking all the rules.

“No dresses, just friends and family, we want to share it with them.”

And now we wait for the photos, should we be so lucky.

Watch this space.

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