The beautiful story behind where Isabella Carlstrom proposed to Moana Hope.

“I said yes.”

With these three little words, it’s official. Moana Hope and Isabella Carlstrom are engaged, and we are thrilled.

Moana made the announcement in a touching Instagram post this evening, documenting just how her partner – model Isabella Carlstrom – popped the question amid a sea of rose petals.

And the story of where Isabella chose to ask for her hand will warm your heart.

“I told her that if she ever wanted to marry me she had to ask my dad,” Moana wrote below a photo of Bella on bended knee, engagement ring extended.

“So she asked me to marry her at my Dad’s [tombstone], so he was there when she asked me.”

Moana, of course, said yes, adding that as far as proposals go, it could “never, ever get more perfect”.

“Wedding bells are here. (Excuse the pun),” she joked in the post.


The couple’s relationship blossomed from a chance meeting at a mutual friend’s birthday party last year – and from the moment they met – they knew it was something special.

“I knew straight away it was not going to be anything short term,” she told Mia Freedman of their relationship when speaking on Mamamia‘s No Filter podcast last month.

The couple live together with Moana’s sister Vinny, who was born with Moebius Syndrome and requires full-time care.

In her conversation with Mia, Moana said Vinny even calls Bella ‘mum’, as she does Moana.

She also opened up about her future plans to start a family with Bella.

“I want to have a family,” she said. “She also wants a family. It’s something we’re actually talking about right now.”

The AFLW star had no qualms sharing their plans on who will carry their children when the time comes.

Moana said the couple’s plan is for Bella to carry their first child – or children – and for the footballer to try for a pregnancy when she ends her football career.

“For me personally, moving forward, I want to play football for 10 more years,” she explained.

“[Bella] will carry our first little one, which I have wanted a child forever, so I’m super excited about that.”

“I’d love to have three, but I think we’d be blessed to have any kids. I think kids are beautiful,” she added of their plans.

Now that they’re engaged – we’re guessing the pitter-patter of tiny feet will be just around the corner…

But for now, we just can’t wait for the wedding.