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1. “It was a fake friendship.” MAFS’ Ines Basic says her relationship with co-star Martha Kalifatidis was ‘made for TV’.

Married at First Sight may have ended over six months ago, but we still keep hearing about reported feuds between the cast.

And this time, it’s between last season’s ‘villain’, Ines Basic and Martha Kalifatidis.

On Sunday, Ines shared a video to Instagram and she answered a fan question: “Why aren’t you friends with Martha? What happened between [you]?” It was pretty juicy stuff.

“I’m going to be so honest here and say that the day I met her [Martha], I didn’t like her. I just found her to be very put-on, a bit false,” Ines responded.

“There was a show to be made, production wanted Jess [Jessika Power], Martha and I to be friends, so it was like a fake friendship made for TV by production. It worked out for the storyline they had planned, it was edited greatly to make us look like the three b****y girls.”


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In the video, Ines explains that after filming the show she and Martha became good friends but then she “started noticing really large inconsistencies”.

“I don’t like nasty behaviour and that’s something I’ve noticed with her, which is really unfortunate.”

In the end, Ines said it was “painful, I’m not going to lie, to lose a friend over such like petty things”.

Earlier this month, Martha told Mamamia that she doesn’t speak to Ines or Jessika.

“I don’t keep tabs on them [because] they’re not of interest to me,” she said.


“I’m still the one in my humble little relationship that isn’t putting on a big wedding, I’m not having a baby with the contestant of last year’s Love Island. I’m just chilling, just doing my thing, staying in my lane.”

Read our full interview with Martha, here.

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2. The Bachelorette’s Ciarran Stott just went swimming at a nudist beach and we’re not blushing, you are.

Excuse us.

The Bachelorette’s Ciarran Stott just went swimming at a nudist beach and we can’t stop blushing.

The 25-year-old, who left the show after finding out his grandmother had passed away, was spotted at a nudist beach in Sydney alongside fellow The Bachelorette evictee Jackson Garlick.

(Side note – the photos are right over here, if you’re interested).


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Following his departure from the show, it’s been heavily rumoured that Ciarran could be joining the cast of Bachelor in Paradise in 2020.

Speaking to Mamamia earlier this month, Ciarran also shared that he’d be open to appearing on The Bachelor.

“If they want me to do it, I’d definitely put my hand up and do it for sure,” he said and hello, yes, where do we apply?


“I didn’t think people would want that, but clearly there’s a lot of talk going on about it and everyone wants me to do it so why not?” he added.

“It would be absolute carnage”.

3. “We’re definitely still together.” The Bachelor’s Anna Heinrich just quashed rumours that her marriage is in trouble.

In the past few weeks, The Bachelor’s Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich have been subject to countless rumours about their alleged ~impending break-up~.

And after arriving at the Melbourne Cup separately last week, the tabloids took the rumours to the next level, as publications reported spotting Robards “looking rather glum” at Flemington Racecourse, while not wearing his wedding ring.

Now, however, criminal lawyer Heinrich has vehemently denied the rumours on Channel Seven’s The Morning Show.


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“When you’re confident in your relationship, it doesn’t matter what people say,” Heinrich said.

“Tim and I, we’re like better than ever,” she added.

“He lives in Melbourne, that’s a fact, I’m not going to see him the majority of the week. He comes back [to Sydney] on the weekends and I was at the races there and I had to work so I probably didn’t see him for the majority of the time, but we’re definitely still together.”

Heinrich also described the tabloid articles around her relationship as “rubbish”.

“Those headlines have been there all week, and to tell you the truth and to be very honest, it does not affect me now, it really doesn’t,” she said.


“I think it’s more annoying that I have to justify my relationship because we’re so happy, we really are.”

4. Everything we know about MAFS’ Jules Robinson’s demands for her wedding guests and vendors.

MAFS’ golden couple Jules and Cam are set to tie the knot very soon, but there’s been a fair share of drama surrounding their wedding.

From the date being postponed to allegations that Jules had dumped her bridesmaid, Mel over text, there’s been a lot going on.

And now it seems Jules has prepared a list of demands that guests and vendors must follow on the big day. It’s all because the couple sold exclusive rights to their wedding to Channel Nine, which will broadcast their wedding in a two-part series.

According to the Daily Mail, guests will have their phones confiscated and Jules has banned them from sharing any photos of the wedding to social media until ten days after the wedding airs.

Yep, it all sounds very fun.

The publication also reports that caterers and other vendors are required to sign non-disclosure agreements that legally prevent them from publicly sharing details about the wedding. Apparently, the vendors will also be working for free in exchange for promotion on TV and social media.

The first part of their wedding will air on November 27 and the second part – which includes the ceremony – will air the following day, according to the Daily Mail. 


5. Awkward fights and gossip about Ruby Rose: Mamamia recaps The Veronicas’ reality show.

I hadn’t known a reality show about pop duo The Veronicas was what was missing from my life until MTV announced that yes, The Veronicas: Blood Is for Life, would be airing on Sunday, November 10.

Oh my, I thought. That sounds highly important.

If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that we need more reality television, and I for one would very much like to know the gossip about 34-year-old twins Jess and Lisa Origliasso.

The Veronicas TV show recap

Of course, there's one small problem.


Making a reality show about any Australian celebrity is always awkward. We're not nearly extravagant or controversial enough to carry an entire series. That's not to say we shouldn't make them. God no. Being Lara Bingle will go down in history as a masterpiece.

It's just that it was objectively a very terrible show.

Driving cars around Sydney is not as interesting as driving them around LA, drama is far less exciting in an Australian accent, and the stakes are undeniably far, far lower for local celebrities. There aren't enough publicity scandals, or complex family in-fighting, or literal televised births.

But for reasons that are currently unclear, The Veronicas decided they'd give reality TV a go anyway, and here we are.

Read our full recap of The Veronicas: Blood Is for Life, here.

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