MKR's harshest contestants return for one night of criticism.

On tonight’s bumper episode of MKR, a whole lot of old favourites returned to the kitchen – along with some old, er, not-so-favourites.

Ash and Camilla from Season five. Chloe and Kelly from Season six. Sophia from Season four. The “villains” of the competition were out in force tonight, and they didn’t hold back.

As the bottom four contestants from Wednesday’s challenge fought it out over two courses, the ex-contestants couldn’t resist getting up to their old tricks – and by old tricks, I mean “indiscriminately criticising everything that’s put in front of them”.

“It was probably one of the worst things I’ve put in my mouth,” said Sophia of Mike and Tarq’s undercooked duck.

“Like a rat died in a shoe.” Ouch.

Even Carly and Tresne, MKR's resident nice guys, struggled to find something nice to say about the undercooked bird. Carly attempted her signature "compliment sandwich", but couldn't think of two compliments to cushion the fact that the dish was basically inedible.

Chris and Cookie's dessert tacos weren't a hit either, with Sophia commenting, "I don't get where they're going, nor do I want to go there again."

But it was Eve and Jason's crepes that really brought out the criticism from the ex-contestants.

"I think when you're keeping it to simple, it need to be perfect," said Camilla. "There's nothing to hide behind."

"I just don't know who is telling them that this is good," Sophia accused.

"I would really question my friends and what they were telling me because this is not a very nice dish for a signature dish and I would love to never, ever see it again."

In the end, the guest teams chose Mike and Tarq to go through to sudden death tomorrow, with the judges electing Eve and Jason as their worst dish of the night.

Need a recipe that can't be criticised? Try this inside out cake...

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