Jessica has been watching herself on MKR. She doesn't like what she sees.

Along with her team-mate and best friend Marcos, Jessica was booted off My Kitchen Rules on Sunday night. And now the show’s ‘villain’ is claiming she’s actually super nice and not villain-like at all.

Big surprise.

The carb-conscious (is she, though?) contestant has told the AAP that she was edited to fulfill the bad-guy role on Channel 7’s popular cooking program.

Every reality show has to have one, right?

jessica and marcos via channel 7
Jessica and Marcos. (Image: Screenshot via Channel 7.)

Jessica said that she was, “A little bit anxious, not knowing what’s going to air,” but was well aware she had been cast as the show’s villain, and watched the program with trepidation.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Jessica has blamed her characterisation on editing, stating that producers only use, “half a sentence or half a conversation goes to air. It’s whatever half they want… So if I say, ‘I don’t normally eat rice, but if I was to, I’d have half a cup of brown rice because that’s the smart nutritious option’, only half of that would go to air.”

Even when she is shown being lovely, Jessica can’t win. Her competitors were completely thrown by it (via Channel 7). Post continues after video… 

Video via Channel 7

Could this be an attempt to justify her sudden shift from questioning Manu’s love of sauce (how very dare you) to serving up on of the most carb-heavy menus in the competition?

Jessica isn’t the first reality TV star to speak out against their portrayal. And she probably won’t be the last.

Emily Simms, who was competing for the love of Bachie Sam Wood on the last season of The Bachelor Australia, took to Instagram to post about her disappointment in the way she was depicted.

Emily Promo bach channel 10
Emily was cast as The Mean Girl. (Image via Channel 10.)

“I have been in tears tonight, not because of the nasty things social media trolls are saying (I wonder if any of you would be brave enough to say it to my face?), but because I am a very sensitive, kind and loving person,” she wrote.


Simms stated that despite being warned against it by the all-powerful powers that be in show-biz, she needed to be true to herself. A woman who was actually, sunshine and light.

Rosie Waterland talks MKR on the latest episode of The Binge. Listen here:

“I could never be cruel to another person,” she wrote. “I am nothing like a bitch. Reality shows decide the ‘characters’ for each of us before they even start filming.” J’accuse!

Emily Bachi sam 120x630
See? She’s funny AND silly. (Image: Screenshot via Channel 10)

“This is well known about reality TV. So for my funny, joking, laughing at myself, silly side, to not be shown at all, is really very upsetting to me. Soooo many hours of footage, and all they choose to show of me is that I found Heather annoying.”

Unlike Emily, both Marcos and Jessica do seem to be accepting of the fact that editing and advertising are part of the reality television game. “They know how to advertise and market it and get people excited,” said Marcos.

“I’ve been portrayed as a villain and I know who I am,” said Jessica, not letting the depiction sour her experience. “It’s a brilliant program … I try and enjoy it as light heartedly as I can.”

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