The 5 best facial expressions from MKR's villain, Jessica.

If you happened to tune into My Kitchen Rules last night, you would be well acquainted with the many, many facial expressions belonging to ‘villain’, Jessica.

The health-nut-turned-nutella-straddler-and-reformed-carb-lover has a smorgasbord of facial expressions to choose from, each one more grandiose and dramatic than the next.

WATCH a snippet of last night’s episode below. Post continues after video…

Video via Channel 7

Watching an episode of MKR is now like watching a facial contortionist at work, and we think Jess deserves a bit of recognition for her unique talent.

Naturally, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite Jess expressions – Jessxpressions, if you will:

1. The Slow Blink

Jess seems to whip this one out for the kill within the first 20 minutes of each ep, the exact time when she’s staring down her opponents across the table.


It’s powerful, it’s intimidating, it’s very villainous.

When Jess pulls ‘The Slow Blink’, it’s like time slows down.

2. The Analyst

Ah, ‘The Analyst’. The look Jess pulls when her plate of bready, deep-fried food comes out and she’s deciding whether she’s going to be Healthy Jessica or Carb-Lovin’ Jessica today.

If Perogi is on the menu, we all know what her answer is.


3. The ‘The Other Team Succeeded’

Just WATCH those lips purse.

Like a true reality TV ‘Villain’, Jess is NEVER HAPPY when another team succeeds. Because deep down, Jess is super competitive and wants victory more than anything. The Channel 7 producers probably got bonuses on their paychecks when Jess pulled this face last night.

4. The ‘The Other Team Failed’

GOLD, I TELL YOU. This girl is reality TV gold.

When Jess pulled this face last night – straight after ‘Pete Paleo Evans’ told the lovebirds their meat wasn’t cooked properly – I spat a mouthful of Maggi Noodles onto my lap.

Could you find a more chuffed human being?! I don’t think you could.

5. The Smiling Assassin

I’d love to know what’s going inside that head of hers when Jess creates this face.

Is she A. Happy?! Is she B. Conniving an evil plan to claim the MKR trophy?! Is she C. thinking about delicious, chocolatey Nutella again?! (Personally, I’m option C… always.)

MmmmMmmmMmmmmmm, Nutella.

What’s your favourite Jessxpression?