You call that a twist? MKR fans not happy with latest curve ball.

 In case you missed the ten million ads about it, there was a BIG TWIST on last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules.
And this BIG TWIST was going to STIR UP the competition, it was going to wreak absolute havoc and deliver the DRAH-MAH, people. This twist was IMPORTANT and CAPITALISATION WORTHY, okay?

Except that, well, this twist didn’t do any of that.

It was as disappointing as stepping in a puddle while wearing socks. And as far as BIG TWISTS go, this was no tornado… it was more a light breeze with a side of drizzle.

So what was the very elaborate, game-changing ‘twist’? The two couples with the least improvement from their original home kitchen score, to their redemption round score, went home.

So basically, if you didn’t get markedly better between round one to round two, sayonara pal!

Tired of just watching people make delicious food, and want to start doing it yourself? Look no further. Post continues after video…
Some teams improved drastically (Carmine and Lauren’s impressive lamb-abundant restaurant last night saw their score-difference jump by 24 big ones, while Rose and Paige boasted a 20 point increase), other teams were not so impressive on their second attempt.
Hazel and Lisa only increased by a measly six points, while Monique and Sarah sunk by 6 points. Both teams were booted faster than you can say ‘This is a very mediocre twist’.
Viewers took to Twitter last night to vent their distaste at this severely unsatisfying ‘game changer’.

Here’s hoping next time a twist is promised, it gets reaaaaal twisty for the fans’ sake.

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