A former MKR contestant has come out.

What lovely news.

Former My Kitchen Rules contestant, Luke Hines, has come out as gay.

The Bondi local shared his happy news with New Idea magazine showing off a photo with his boyfriend.

Luke and his partner of six-months, Tyron Lawless have plans to get married. The 2013 contestant said, “We’ve been through a lot together in just six months… we’re very sure of our feelings.”

This is despite the government still not legalising gay marriage. “We're totally committed to each other whatever our government does, and that's what really matters,” Luke said.

Speaking about their first encounter, Luke said it was Tyron’s good looks that encouraged him to make an approach and ask him on a date. “My first thought was 'wow, he's stunning! I need to know who that is,'" he said.

Luke and Scott from MKR 2013.

Luke and his friend Scott Gooding became popular contestants on My Kitchen Rules after impressing the judges with their delicious and nutritious cooking. The two mates have since published two cook books. They also have a column in Men's Health magazine.

Congratulations on the exciting news, Luke and Tyron.

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