The MKR romance we didn't see coming...

And you thought you knew everything about My Kitchen Rules…  Nup. These two best friends are actually married.

My Kitchen Rules is dramatic at the best of times, we had no idea it was going to get this good: Turns out blonde best friends on the reality show have opened up about their secret marriage.

The girls shared their wedding pics with today's New Idea.

Carly Saunders, 32 and Tresne Middleton, 32, have revealed to New Idea that they are a lot more than best friends and are in fact a married couple, wed in a commitment ceremony in March 2012.

Of their intimate ceremony Carly says:

'We know same sex marriage is not recognised in Australia so were going to wait, but then we thought we should do it while we were still young and pretty.'

The pair entered the show in the third round of gatecrashers, and immediately attracted attention because of their simple and questionable recipes, can-do positive attitude and

supportive relationship.

Carly and Tresne told the magazine that they decided to conceal their relationship status because they feared being judged over their 'sexual preference' and didn't want the public's opinions of their relationship to effect opinions of their culinary skills.

The platinum blondes go on to say:

 "All the other teams knew about us [after] the second instant restaurant, even though we are not a couple who indulge in public displays of affection. "

Popular judge on the show, Manu Feildel, spoke to 2Day FM this morning, saying:

"We don't care what relationship they are in. We judge their food. It doesn't change anything with Pete and I."

Carly and Tresne met through mutual friends eight years ago at a barbeque and bonded almost instantly over their love of music and food. The pair now live together just outside of Newcastle, NSW. 

Are you surprised that Carly and Tresne are actually a couple? Do you think it will affect how people judge them on the show? 

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