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MKR's Jess opens up about her personal struggles during the filming of the show.

Jessica Tichonczuk was eliminated from cooking show, My Kitchen Rules last night after becoming the most talk about contestant this season.

Tichonczuk and her team mate – and friend – Marco Dillman were eliminated after scoring a very low 38 on last night’s show.

Since last night’s episode, the 30-year-old has told the media that her grandmother passed away the same day she was eliminated.

“It was very hard,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

The health concious contestant said her time on the show was extremely difficult because she felt a huge sense of guilt, being away from her family during such a difficult time. She felt she should’ve been with her family more, while her grandmother was unwell.

“I was trying to keep saying to myself that I was doing something really positive for my future, and that my family loves me and they understand, but no matter how much someone tells you it’s OK, I still felt I should have been there a bit more,” she told the publication.

Tichonczuk said that because of what was happening in her personal life, she didn’t give her best self to the show or to the other contestants. She admits she had shut down emotionally.

The reality TV contestant did say that despite all the negative responses she recieved from the public opinion, her family are very proud of her.

“It’s reality TV, you know how it works, every show has a character, every show has a villain…They love me for who I am,” she told The Daily Telegraph.

We’re thinking of Jessica and her family at this time.

How have you dealt when a family member is ill, or passes away?

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