MKR's JP and Nelly might have been sprung cooking in someone else's house.

Who would have thought that a seemingly innocent framed photo would cause so much controversy?

Last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules has sent fans into a spin and begging the question: Who’s house did lovebirds JP and Nelly really cook in?

Screen-grabs of a suspect framed photograph have inundated social media, and THE PEOPLE WANT ANSWERS, DAMN IT!

Let’s examine a close-up of the suss and completely incriminating family portrait below:

jp and nelly home1 frame
Hmmmm. I spot a child… and a weird floating baby. (Image via Channel 7)

That’s right. What you see is a portrait of a young family. A young family with a young child. And – AND – a highly unusual cut-out photo of a baby stuck on top.

I’m going to remind you of a very vital piece of MKR trivia here: JP and Nelly are yet to procreate and, at this stage, have not gifted the world with a mini lovebird child. Which leads me to the very insightful conclusion that the brunette adults in this photograph are not our resident cooking lovebirds at all (my uni degree was so worth it, I know).

I have a plethora of questions, like:

Who actually is in this photograph? And,

What on God’s green earth is with the floating baby?

But they are entirely irrelevant and not at all useful in helping us solve the ‘Did JP and Nelly shoot in a home other than their own’ problem.

WATCH a snippet of last night’s episode below. Post continues after video…

Video via Channel 7

To solve this problem, I have devised a few hypotheses:

  1. JP and Nelly are lazy homemakers, and failed to remove the generic photograph that came with the frame when they bought it from Kmart.
    Admittedly, this isn’t a strong hypothesis. I just can’t see the lovebirds being lazy homemakers, particularly given their love of tea, tea practically being a conscientious homemaker’s coat of arms. It also doesn’t address the floating baby situation.
  2. JP and Nelly have hung a photo of their family/friends in their home.
    A bit weird, but not at all implausible. Hanging a professional portrait of another family in your home definitely doesn’t follow social convention, but hey, I’m not here to judge.
  3. JP and Nelly have, in fact, filmed their home restaurant in a home other than their own.
    If this was SportsBet, I’d put good money on this option and would expect to make a tidy profit, too. This wouldn’t be the first time a MKR couple used a rental home, or the home of their wealthy mother, to film in.

As it stands, I am positive that at least half of Australia is utterly perplexed, and struggling to function until this very important issue is resolved.

I call upon the greatest lovebirds of this era to answer our many questions… mostly the one about the floating baby.

Do you think JP and Nelly used a rental home? 

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