One day into Bachelor In Paradise, and there's already been an awkward editing fail.

There’s nothing we love more than a story about a bunch of attractive, semi-naked strangers seeking love on a tropical island as part of a reality TV show and an awkward editing glitch that…. messes it all up.

But that’s exactly what happened on the very first episode of the premiere season of Bachelor In Paradise Australia.

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Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice there was an unexpected visitor during a scene in which Davey Lloyd and Leah Costa were meant to be enjoying a secluded, romantic walk.

But they were not alone. Not at all.

Because a random crew member was spotted setting up the very date they were walking towards.

Watch a crew member ‘crash’ Leah and Davey’s alone time in the video below.

Video via Channel 10

The man in question appeared to be dusting a spot of sand off the cushions and couches the duo were about to sit on while they discussed the fact they were a “perfect match” (aka the fact Davey works as a builder and Leah is in construction management).

bachelor in paradise mistake 1
bachelor in paradise mistake 2
bachelor in paradise mistake 3

It's a stark reminder that this tropical search for love is actually a highly produced, and meticulously planned, event. Sorry.

(And it's also proof that there is no way on earth the contestants plan and set up their dates, but all those helicopters, sea planes and privates yachts were already a dead giveaway...)

This is not the first time in Australian Bachie history an unexpected person has popped up in a scene on the show: on the very first episode of Matty J's season last year, a cameraman could be seen scrambling between contestants during the cocktail party.

As 'villain' Jen Hawke rushed to another group of contestants after overhearing Elizabeth call her dress "putrid", the poor crew member could be seen racing to get out of the way.

bachelor cameraman

Luckily, both scenes were over within a matter of seconds, but in the golden age of social media, the show's producers should know the internet never forgets... and neither do we.

You can bet we'll be watching very closely to see if there are any other 'mistakes' during the season.