People have shared the words they still don't know how to spell and... same.

In news today, no one knows how to spell and finally we’re all ready to admit it. 

Political reporter Hannah Al-Othman‏ tweeted earlier this week, “What is the one word you still can’t spell, no matter how many times you’ve written it? For me it’s necessarily.”

Hundreds of people decided this was a safe space, and responded with their own brain-fart words. Here were some of the most common:

Manouvre instead of manoeuvre

Hesistate instead of hesitate (not sure where that extra ‘s’ comes from but we appreciate your honesty)

Bureacracy instead of bureaucracy

Diarrehea instead of diarrhoea

Excercise instead of exercise

Harrassment instead of harassment

Seperate instead of separate

Brocolli/broccolli instead of broccoli


Defenitely instead of definitely

Restarant instead of restaurant

Privledge/privlege instead of privilege

Judgment instead of judgement

Rythm instead of rhythm

Wensday instead of Wednesday

Tounge instead of tongue

Guage instead of gauge

Entrpenruer instead of entrepreneur

Hors deoureibersldkfdkbvres instead of hors-d’oeuvre (which is a ridiculous word)

According to Oxford Dictionaries, some of the most difficult words to spell in the English language include:

Accommodate  (acommodateaccomodate)

Indict (indite) 

Millennium (millenium)

Liaison (liason) 

Supersede (supercede)

Ecstasy (ecstacy) 

Maintenance (maintainence) 

Recommend (reccommend)

After reading that list, I feel like I know even less about spelling than I did to begin with.

Simply put, I will never, as long as I live, spell ‘diarrhoea’ correctly the first time. And it seems I’m definitely (defentely/definetely/definljtrng) not alone in that.

What word do you find impossible to spell? Let us know in the comments below. 

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