Bizarre details emerge as mum and her two children are found safe after vanishing.

A 29-year-old mother who went missing with her two children after a mysterious blind date and a house fire has been found safe.

Monica Bogart Lamping and her two children – Kai, seven, and nine-month-old Oria – were found in a neighbouring state after they were reported missing on the weekend.

missing mum found
Monica Bogart Lamping and her two children have been found safe. Image via Facebook.

In a case that gripped the USA, Monica had not been seen since she picked up her children from a friend's house after she had gone on a date with a man she named 'Chad'.

As Mamamia previously reported, the family's home was destroyed by a fire at 3am the same night, with police confirming there was no one inside at the time.

Monica and her children were found in neighbouring state, North Carolina. Investigators have determined that they left on their own free will.

"I don’t have the background to say if it was a scheduled trip or a getaway, but they left the residence on their own free will," a police spokesman told People.

"It appears this is a misunderstanding."

Image via Facebook.

The officer said the family was "out of communication" and it appeared to explain "why they did not know everybody was looking for them."

Police have determined “there was no such person" as 'Chad'.

The biological father of Monica's eldest child, Kevin Lamping, told 13News Now he was over the moon that she and the children had been found in North Carolina.

"I'm ecstatic, I can't tell you what a huge relief this is for us," he said.

monica and son
Image via Facebook.

"I wasn't sure if I was going to ever see [him] again and now I know I's the best feeling in the world."

Kevin also said the effort to find Monica and her children had given him "renewed hope" in the media and the police.

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