Weeks after Charlie Carver went missing, mysterious posts appeared on his Facebook.

Charlie Carver’s Facebook page looks typical of any 30-something American man. It’s cluttered with memes, shows he recently got married, and announces that he and his partner Kala Brown are expecting a baby.

But not all is as it seems.

Despite appearing to stretch back to July, these posts were all made retroactively on October 1 – more than a month after the couple vanished without a trace.

Carver, 32, was seen on CCTV leaving work on August 31, the same day Brown, 30, last made contact with friends, according to The Daily Beast.

Their South Carolina home was found unlocked, medications were left behind, as were Kala’s glasses and contact lenses. Her cherished little Pomeranian also remained in their apartment, left to fend for itself without food or water.

All that was missing was Carver’s Pontiac Grand Prix.

“This is a mother’s nightmare. It was not a planned trip,” Carver’s mother Joanne Shiflet said, according to

“Their little dog was left there. Personal items that you would have taken with you on a trip were left there. To me, that just doesn’t say: ‘I’m leaving for a month’.”

The couple had been dating for several months following Carver’s split from his wife, but had only recently moved in together.

When the posts started appearing on Carver’s Facebook page there was a brief glimmer of hope for the missing pair’s families. But it soon became apparent something was off.

Along with the false retroactive posts about marriage, pregnancy and buying a home, came a flurry of strange memes, including one particularly sinister one which reads: “Sometimes late at night I dig a hole in the backyard to keep the nosy neighbor’s guessing [sic].”


Carver’s page also posted a status was which said that he and Brown were fine, but it was reportedly deleted soon after. According to local station Fox Carolina, the same appears to have happened to another that reportedly read: “It’s never going to end they are not coming be to there families.”

Carver’s family note that, being a professional writer, it’s unlikely that he would pen such sloppy sentences.

“That grammar and the spelling would not come from my son,” Joanne Shiflet said. “That’s not him.”

For now, the identity of the poster remains unknown, but the missing man's Facebook friends have speculated that his estranged wife may have hacked his account, or at least that someone is making it look that way.

Their suspicions seem to stem from a September 26 comment in which appeared to indicate she had access to his page. The comment, allegedly made from Carver's account, read: “Well i would keep my nose clean and out off it. And how do you know my hubby?"

The page has been silent since October 2, when the following meme was posted: “What color ribbon supports the people who can’t keep their nose out of other people’s business?”

Whoever was behind it, Carver's younger sister Katie has message for them:

“I wish I could tell them to stop,” she told The Daily Beast. “If they know where he is, bring him home.”

Police investigations are ongoing.