The desperate message the "abducted" backpacker sent her friend pleading to be saved.

A 24-year-old Belgian backpacker who was allegedly abducted by a man in Murray Bridge sent text messages to her only Australian friend in a bid to escape.

The woman – who cannot be named for legal reasons – sent the chilling texts from her laptop to her friend, who was working on a passionfruit farm 3000km away in Queensland, the Adelaide Advertiser reports.

missing backpacker
Image via SA Police.

The friend then showed the messages to 61-year-old Chris Newman, who owned the farm she was working on.

According to Newman, the messages detailed where the 24-year-old woman was being taken.

"[The message said] I've been kidnapped, they've taken me out into the country two hours from Murray Bridge," Newman told The Advertiser.

"It described going over two ferries, [then it said] they’ve taken my phone, I’ve got my laptop out of my backpack and I’ve sent a message’, or something like that," Newman continued.

"It said: 'I don’t want to run away because he said he’ll shoot me’, [or] something to that extent."

backpacker arrest
A 52-year-old man has been arrested and charged in relation to the backpacker's disappearance. Image via 7 News.

The 24-year-old woman was found in a motel on Friday afternoon. Her alleged attacker, a 52-year-old man, was arrested in the small town of Meningie the following day and has since been arrested and charged with three counts of rape and one count of unlawful detention in relation to the backpacker's disappearance.

He is expected to appear via videolink in the Adelaide Magistrates Court today.

It is alleged he abducted the Belgian tourist from Murrary Bridge on Thursday, before taking her to a remote farm house in Meningie where he held her against her will and raped her.

It's believed the woman had posted an advertisement on website Gumtree asking for work.

backpacker gumtree
It's believed the man contacted the tourist after she posted an ad looking for work on Gumtree. Image via 7 News.

"I’m looking for these jobs in Melbourne starting 30 of January. With accommodation stay or hostel nearby. Cuz I don’t have a car. I love nature and animals, I eat fruit every day;) it would be nice to do a job like this. If you have something please let me know. Thx," her advertisement read.

She is still recovering with police, with Detective Inspector Greg Huchins reporting, "She is well, unharmed and obviously, her family is very grateful that she is safe."