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Forget equality, suckers! The search for China's best bum is on.

Forget about the fight for equal pay, social rights and liberation, ladies, this week in China, the fight is all about the bum. Or more accurately, the Beautiful Buttocks, a fight that only one woman can win.

Launching a competition to find China’s best bum (yes, really), women from all over the communist nation are lining up in their skimpiest bikini bottoms and tank tops to have a panel of judges rate their behinds as part of the Beautiful Buttocks Competition.

The criteria? Roundness, curviness and firmness.

According to Zang Zhichao, one of the competition’s organisers who spoke to the Daily Mail this week, “men are looking for more visual stimulation, and the public want more entertainment.”

Do they ever, Zhichao. Do they ever.

And explaining the allure of the competition for many women who entered, Zhichao said, “Compared to other bodybuilding contests, showing off the bums has the lowest requirements, so more people could enter.”

Finally, he added, “it didn’t need much publicity, people would just come and see it.”

Weird, right?

And while many are calling the competition a rip-off of Brazil’s infamous Miss Bum Bum competition, Zhichao says neither he or any other organisers have heard of it.

Holding five regional heats across China, the grand dame of Beautiful Buttocks is set to be crowned later this year in December at the Bird Nest, the same Beijing stadium where the 2008 Olympic opening ceremony was held.

The grand winner’s prize is yet to be announced, but surely the glory and honour that comes with being named Miss Beautiful Buttocks 2017 would be enough, wouldn’t it?