The internet campaign that proves that no one is “Just A Nurse”.

“I am a nurse, that is my talent.”

When we think of the talent section of the Miss America pageant, something like this comes to mind:

We certainly don’t expect a touching and emotional story from a woman who is passionate about her job.

But that’s exactly what we got when Miss Colorado Kelley Johnson – a nurse who looks after Alzheimer’s patients – during the segment earlier this week.

You can watch it here:

She finished her monologue about how a patient made her realise she was more than “just a nurse” to resounding applause.

But not everybody was happy with the refreshing display.

The hosts on daytime talk show The View mocked the nurse for wearing a “doctor’s stethoscope” around her neck.

“She basically read her emails out loud and surprisingly did not win,” one host said.

“I swear to God it was hilarious.”


You can watch that here:

Video via The View/ABC

And then the backlash began, with nurses and patients sharing their touching stories using the social media hashtags #nursesunite and #just a nurse.

On Facebook, Jessica Green shared her touching story of how “just a nurse” helped her through the traumatic experience of losing a child to a chromosomal disorder.

Miss Colorado was not wearing a costume, or pretending with her “Doctor’s Stethoscope” around her shoulders; it was a Nurse’s Stethoscope that caught a my daughter’s final heartbeats.

It was ‪#‎justaNurse‬ who sat and planned her birth with us down to every detail.
It was just a Nurse who lost her own baby and decided to take that pain and use it to support and prepare families facing the same tragedy.
It was just a Nurse that stayed over her shift to cheer me on on the scariest night of my life.
It was just a Nurse who put warm blankets on me when I shook from the adrenaline, and opened up my gown to place my precious little girl on my chest the second she was born.
It was just a Nurse that handed my baby to me, and taught me how to swaddle.
It was just a Nurse that stayed with us and us only because she knew we needed her the most.
It was just a Nurse that asked me what my child’s name was for the first time, it’s Addison Quinn Russell.
It was just a Nurse that helped me give her her first bath.
It was just a Nurse that captured our first, and only family photos.
It was just a Nurse that cried with us when we had say goodbye to give our baby up forever.
It was just a Nurse that made me feel like a real mother, and treated my child like their own.
It was just many Nurses that got so emotionally invested with our baby, they know her by name still.
It was Nurses that gave my grief a launching pad to build myself back up on.
It was just a bunch of Nurses that made it their personal mission to make our families worst day the most beautiful too.

If you’ve ever doubted the blood sweat and tears it takes to become a nurse I beg you to look at the millions of lives touched by them. Nurses are not glorified waitresses, or people who just wanted to be Doctors but couldn’t. Nurses do not work for Doctors, they work with them, along side them. No Doctor could rise to glory without standing on the backs of the nurses on the floor doing the real living breathing dirty healthcare.

A Nurse is never “just” anything, but amazing.”

Jessica with her baby girl. Image via Facebook.

Sponsors have pulled their ads from the show and The View hosts have made a grovelling apology, saying they didn’t know Miss Colorado was actually a nurse.

Ms Johnson told Ellen DeGeneres she did the monologue because she wanted to be herself.

“I am a nurse, that is my talent,” she told DeGeneres today on her show, Ellen.

And it’s a bloody great one too.

(For those playing at home, Miss Georgia took out the title. Miss Colorado came second runner-up – that’s a confusing way of saying third).

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