A miscarriage forced Charlotte to cancel a cleaner's booking. They 'want to charge' her $1600.

British couple Charlotte and Dean Coutts couldn’t imagine the distress they were in for when they booked to have their carpet cleaned by a Plymouth company.

Things quickly turned nasty between them and the cleaners when they were forced to cancel an appointment because Charlotte had suffered a miscarriage.

“I had just lost my baby and got out of hospital a few days prior…it wasn’t a priority at that time,” Charlotte wrote on Facebook of the missed appointment.

charlotte dean coutts
Charlotte and Dean Coutts are locked in a bitter dispute with a carpet cleaning company. Image via Facebook.

The company responded by telling Charlotte she would still be invoiced for the appointment and that she should read the terms and conditions.

From there, things only got worse.

When Charlotte refused to pay, she said the company threatened to take the matter to small claims court.

"Please stop harrassing me," said a text Charlotte sent to the company.

"I have recently come out of hospital due to losing my baby I do not need this thank you."

carpet 1
Image via Facebook.

A reply stated that any further contact would result in a AU$41 admin fee being added to the original AU$140 invoice.

"Please leave me alone...I'm in enough distress as it is...I cannot believe how rude you've not contact me further," Charlotte wrote.

But the cleaning company's 'admin costs' continued to rise, according to the messages.

Among the 33 screenshots of their Facebook text exchange Charlotte posted, was a message in which a company representative threatens to charge AU$1600 in admin fees.

carpet messages
Image via Facebook.

Charlotte's post sharing the images has so far been shared close to 3,000 times.

Charlotte claimed that the company had even called her husband and told him "that they have come to the conclusion that the best thing has happened to our baby and we're not worthy of being parents".

The company told the couple they were "not worthy of being parents" after they lost their child. Image via Facebook.

As the row escalated, the company also claimed over text message that they had been on the receiving end of threatening behaviour from the couple.

The local police forces have confirmed that they are aware of the incident.

"We are currently investigating an incident that could fall foul of the malicious communications act. Enquiries are under way," they said.

The company's website is currently listed as "under maintenance" and their Facebook page has been removed.

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