"The little known detail about Miranda Kerr's wedding day I'm not on board with."

In a day-to-day sense, Miranda Kerr appears to lead a very enviable life. She’s stunning, worth millions of dollars, has one of the most glorious wardrobes of all time. And sure, her love of ~living well~ might be seen as a bit OTT, but, given the chance, it’s likely many would change places with her.

And for a while, as a bride-to-be myself, I had assumed she would be one of the celebrities I looked to for inspiration when it came to planning my own big day.

But, after learning a little-known detail about how the supermodel’s May wedding day played out, I am officially, well and truly, oh-so-completely off that #blessed bandwagon.

Sharing the story of her big day with Vogue, the 34-year-old said that before marrying her long-term beau, Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel, the pair began the day with a yoga session before getting ready for their intimate backyard affair. Again, doing yoga on the morning of your wedding might be slightly OTT on the whole wellness crusade, but still, she’s probably not the first bride to kick things off with some fitness.

But it’s when Kerr discussed the catering of her event that things get a bit weird.

According to the mum-of-one, the 45 guests in attendance were fed slow-roasted chicken scented with turmeric and lemon – a Kerr special that was recreated by caterers on the day. That is, for everyone except Spiegel.

Listen: According to Vogue these are the do’s and don’ts of a 2017 wedding. Post continues… 

You see, as it happens, Kerr’s slow-roasted chicken is one of Spiegel’s favourite dishes. And so, being the diligent wife of his new life, Kerr made her husband his own meal from scratch to mark their first day as man and wife.

“On a cool May morning, just as a cloak of fog began to lift off the western hills of Los Angeles, Miranda Kerr ran downstairs and put a chicken in the oven… She was cooking only for her husband-to-be,” Vogue wrote in their wedding profile published this week.

Ah, excuse me? What?

Miranda Kerr, millionaire, successful model and businesswoman, owner of a custom-designer Dior wedding gown, spent the morning of her wedding wrangling a raw chook so that she could feed a man she’d just vowed to love, honour and obey?


A recipe that was, no less, being recreated by paid catering staff in her home at the SAME TIME?

Don’t get me wrong, cooking a meal for someone you love is really thoughtful and beyond sweet.

But far out, as a wife, surely doing the grocery shopping once in a while and not hogging all of the bed is good enough, isn’t it?

Surely shaving your legs and getting a fake tan and a bikini wax and wearing lingerie and smiling for 12 hours while everyone tells you how lucky you are during a day known as your wedding day is enough. Surely. Hopefully?

(If not, I’m not only off the Kerr bandwagon but off the wedding bandwagon completely.)

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Evan Spiegel and Miranda Kerr. Source: Getty.

If there's one day of your life that you absolutely do not have to cook dinner for your significant other, it is absolutely on your wedding day, isn't it?

Even by Kerr's standards, this is a new level of unique. I know, to each their own, right?

Let's just hope Spiegel truly appreciated the gesture. And that she wasn't wearing her Grace Kelly-inspired wedding gown while she was in the kitchen.