Miranda Kerr was interviewed on The Project and things got a little awkward.

Interviewing supermodels is surely no easy feat. They’re stunning, stupendously tall, and usually earn more money than your entire office put together.

When The Project sent comedian Tommy Little off to Los Angeles to interview Aussie expat Miranda Kerr, we were expecting some laughs. He is a comedian, after all.

Chatting to the skincare mogul and mum-of-one at her home in Malibu, things started out predictably safe and normal.

miranda kerr break-in

Miranda Kerr on The Project. Source: The Project

The pair chatted about life on the other side of the world, her July engagement to the Snapchat creator and CEO Evan Spiegelman, and her five-year-old son, Flynn.

But then... then things got a little awkward. Really awkward, in fact.

It all started when the duo made their way into Kerr's pool to discuss her latest partnership with Bonds and the launch of their swimwear range.


Tommy Little with Miranda Kerr at her Malibu home. Source: The Project.

Discussing her new role, the 33-year-old told Little, "It's good because I've worked with them for such a long time and they're such an iconic brand."

And then, because... well, we're honestly not sure why, Little decided to explain his pool outfit to Kerr, admitting, "I wore boxer shorts under my boardies... because I didn't want to pop a nut in front of Miranda Kerr."

As though realising what he'd just said as it exited his mouth, Little looked at the camera horrified and said, "Oh God."


"I mean, I probably wouldn't have said anything," Kerr responds before asking him, "Why are you covering your nipples?"

From there, the interview really had nowhere to go, so the pair left the pool. Covering their nipples, of course.

miranda kerr on the project

Moments before Tommy Little dropped the 'nut' bomb. Source: The Project

Back in the Project studio, it appeared the panel was as bemused by Little's interview as we were.

"We didn't pay you to do that, did we?" Carrie Bickmore jokingly asked.

Little said it was a "volunteer" job, and one that was maybe a little... too enjoyable.

"It's not hard-hitting reporting, but it's hard reporting," he quipped, to giggles from the audience.