Miranda Kerr goes completely starkers on Harper's Bazaar. 


Harper’s Bazaar has decided to eschew its usual high fashion ensembles and feature Miranda Kerr nude but for a pair of shoes on its Jan/Feb 2016 cover.

Exhibitionists of the world rejoice! Though even Playboy has acceded to the reality that the nude centrefold no longer has a place in the modern world, Harper’s Bazaar has deemed nuding up high fashion.

Well, actually, editor Kellie Hush says a large wardrobe of designer fashion was procured for the shoot with Kerr, which took place in a West Hollywood penthouse.

It just ended up being unnecessary. Surplus to requirement.

“What we captured between outfit changes was a woman who is incredibly comfortable in her own skin (and why wouldn’t you be?),” she wrote in her editor’s letter of the 32-year-old model.

Miranda Kerr mooning all of West Hollywood. Image Via Harper’s Bazaar.

Not sure if she’s trying to imply that Kerr was unaware of this photograph being taken and she just regularly arches her body over balconies while artfully covering her offensive nips, but I’m fairly certain Kerr would look just as hot clipping her toenails so it’s neither here nor there.

Actually, said Kerr, it was a last-minute decision to bare her butt to unsuspecting West Hollywoodians.

“We needed to get somebody in quick to give me a wax. I was not prepared at all,” she confided. Oh, Miranda. Don’t you know it’s all about the full bush these days?

Miranda also eats burgers nude. Image via Instagram.

Kellie Hush told Fairfax that Harper’s Bazaar isn’t trying to capture the men’s mag audience or titillate, but rather “celebrating the daring woman”.

“2015 was undoubtedly the year of the barely-there ‘naked’ dress, with designers like Givenchy, Versace and Roberto Cavalli creating gowns that left very little to the imagination for the likes of Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez. But this was something more. Our chance to celebrate the femininity of an Australian beauty icon in a sophisticated setting,” she said.