Does Miranda Kerr have a new man?

A lot of people seem to think yes…

The rumour mill has started spinning big time.

People are speculating about Miranda Kerr maybe, probably, maybe having a new love interest in her life.

The incriminating photo that got people talking was this one of the 32-year-old Aussie supermodel tucked up in bed with photographer and film director, Sebastian Faena.

Bed time cheek kisses. Image via @mrandakerr Instagram.

The image was captioned with, "Reunited with Sebastian Faena (kiss)."

The photo got a big reaction from Kerr's followers, with a lot of people jumping on the photo to say Faena must be her new man - perhaps he was even the man who took the photo of Kerr eating a burger while probably naked. (To see the story about that photo click HERE).

Some people were happy and excited there might be a new love interest on the scene.

Others thought he looked identical to Kerr's ex, Orlando Bloom.

Some were heart broken, and others speculated that Flynn may have a new step-dad.

Us? We're not so sure he is a new love interest. Just an hour before this photo with Kerr was posted Faena posted a very similar snap - with the same white wash colouring and a similar gorgeous model with him in bed.

He captioned the image, "In bed all morning."

It may just be his thing. Image via @sebastian_faena Instagram.

It seems to us that Faena is just a fashion photographer (and film director) who likes to laze around in bed, in white sheets while wearing white, with models that he probably takes photos of and knows very well.

But maybe he is Kerr's new love. Maybe she has found another man (who looks a lot like Orlando Bloom) who makes her happy. It's another Instagram photo from the supermodel that has us asking a lot of questions.

Miranda, you're very cryptic with your social media photos - tell us what's going on.

Has Kerr got a new man, or is this just a friendly photography guy taking a selfie in bed, like he does with other models? What do you think?

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