Six foods that will always taste infinitely better when you have them mini.

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In the ’80s I was living the dream. I had not a care in the world. Primary school was fun, summer was spent by the pool or at the beach, and weekends were filled with birthday party after birthday party. Life was grand.

When I think back, so many of my memories from this time revolve around food. Fun foods, yummy foods, foods that we ate all the time – and typically foods that were kid-sized.

At these aforementioned birthday parties, I was often found on the table, knee deep in a sea of fun-sized deliciousness. Now, being a mum, while I wouldn’t encourage my young ones to climb aboard the party table and go hell for leather, I love seeing them enjoying the same foods that I once had.

Join me below while I run through some of my old-time favourite mini-foods, and some modern-day bites that are awesome when fun-sized (for a variety of reasons…namely that you get to eat more!).

Mini quiches, pies and sausage rolls

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No explanation necessary here! Just a whole bunch of yumminess. Quiches, pies and sausage rolls come in so many different flavours, that when presented with a tray of them at a party I panic, as I want to eat EVERYTHING.

The good news when they are mini in size is that you can. Look, I’m not recommending the whole platter, rather I’m simply suggesting that due to their petite structure, one of each is perfectly acceptable. Am I right?

Sliders and sandwiches

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Because three burgers are better than one… right?!

Why choose the beef when you can have the beef, pork AND soft shell crab? Sliders have kind of always been a ‘thing’ but I think it’s fair to say that they hit mainstream popularity in the last five or so years. It’s hard to visit a family restaurant, RSL or footy club bistro these days without seeing these gems on a menu.

Mini ice blocks and ice creams

One of my all-time favourite mini treats is the fun-sized ice block or ice cream. While having more than one of these is generally permitted in my house, the thing I love the most about them is that there is never any waste.

Before these were around I always found myself at the beach holding dripping sticks as my kids had dumped their ‘leftovers’ with me so they could bolt back out and catch the next wave. Not only was this messy and infuriating, it was just a good old-fashioned waste of food and money.

Proud & Punch have been recently making a healthy impression on mums like me, and their kids all around Australia, with many picking up the refreshing frozen juice pops in their weekly shop. They don’t add any sugar and they are gluten free. They’re made with only Australian-sourced fruit and vegetable juices (that means no concentrates!). They’re a good-for-you ice block suitable for the whole family during the warmer months…or if you just love a guilt-free treat any time of the year.

They’re particularly ideal for mums and dads who want to give their kids something delicious without the nasties, and their new mini size is perfect for little ones and big ones alike.


Mini chocolates

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Do the words ‘Quality Street’ or ‘Roses’ mean anything to you? They should! When I hear those words I am transported back in time to my late grandmother’s house. I’m sitting on a red velvet couch and I am tucking into a box of chocolate goodness with her by my side. “Oh go on, have another one!” she would always say, “They’re only a mouthful each!” Needless to say, I didn’t need much convincing to follow her instructions.


Mini food earrings

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A little diversion from the edible mini foods, but how glorious are tiny replicas of food items? You might be a fan of Facebook phenomenon Tiny Kitchen or perhaps you follow some of those talented jewellery makers on Instagram, whose job it is to replicate all of our favourite snacks and treats in tiny form. If you don’t, you’re missing out, trust me.


Mini cupcakes, doughnuts and biscuits

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Like I said earlier, I cannot stand when foods are wasted. “One bite and I’m done” does not go down well in my neck of the woods. That’s the great thing about mini desserts. Two bites and they’re usually gone! Out of all the cakes, tarts and pastries that come in mini size, doughnuts would have to be my absolute favourite.

Loads of bakeries and even some of the bigger supermarkets are now making doughnuts the size of golf balls. And apart from the no wastage factor, I feel like I can enjoy an indulgent treat completely guilt free.

What’s your fave mini food? Got more than one? Feed us your faves below (see what we did there?).

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