The 3 best fan theories about season 2 of Netflix's Mindhunter that'll change how you watch it.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Mindhunter season two. If you’re not caught up yet, bookmark us and come back once you’re ready to properly debrief.

From the moment the long-awaited second season of Mindhunter dropped on Netflix, the fan theories have been rolling in thick and fast.

After a long, two year wait, it’s safe to say fans have delved right back into the world of Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) – and the endless discussions about the true crime show on platforms like Reddit certainly prove it.

If you’re up-to-date with the latest season of the show, you’ll know that the second season of Mindhunter delves into the Atlanta Child Murders, which took place in the late ’70s.

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Along the way, Holden and Bill – two special agents from the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit – travel around the United States interviewing the country’s worst serial killers, including Charles Manson, Dennis Rader, David Berkowitz, and Ed Kemper.

On top of that, the pair, who are loosely based on two real life FBI special agents, also delve into their own personal issues – including a serious crime involving Bill’s adopted son, Brian.

While we wait for the next season to unfold, here’s some of the very best fan theories about Mindhunter season two.

(Many spoilers ahead. You’ve been warned.)

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Could Holden Ford be a psychopath?

Since season one first aired in 2017, fans of Mindhunter have been debating whether FBI special agent Holden Ford could be a serial killer in the making.


When the theory first began circulating, Reddit user @thebeginningistheend theorised that Holden could be a functional psychopath, as he’s manipulative, narcissistic, impulsive, and often comes off as emotionally detached.

In an interview earlier this month, the cast of the show were even asked about the possibility of Holden killing someone in the future:

Although Holden certainly ticks many boxes on the Hare Psychopath checklist, his character is also based on a real person – former FBI special agent John Douglas, who wrote the book the show is loosely based on – it’s unlikely he’ll make a turn for the worse.

Could Bill’s son Brian be a serial killer in the making?

The sub-plot involving Bill Tench’s adopted son Brian in season two of Mindhunter is disturbing to say the least.

Throughout the season, Bill and his wife Nancy discover that Brian was present at the murder of a toddler. After the toddler passed away at the hands of a number of young boys Brian was playing with, Brian suggests that they put the dead child on the cross, in the hopes of reviving him. It’s… a lot.

As the season continued, Brian’s behaviour became even more questionable when he stopped talking and began wetting the bed.

But while some fans have questioned whether Brian could be a serial killer in the making, it turns out Brian’s sub-plot is actually based on a real-life murder.


In 1971, around the same time Mindhunter is set, a pair of brothers killed a 20-month-old infant.

In the real life story, the 10-year-old and the seven-year-old killed toddler Noah Alba in a basement when he began to cry. Just like Brian did in the show, they later put him on a cross in an attempt to revive him.

In the end, however, the two real life killers didn’t become serial killers, meaning there could be hope for Brian after all.

Either way, we’re sure we’ll be revisiting Brian’s storyline next season.

That missing cat matters.

Back in season one, Dr Wendy Carr starts leaving cans of food out for a stray cat that lives near her apartment building.

But one day, when she comes down to feed the cat, she notices that the tuna is covered in ants and the cat is nowhere to be seen.

At the time, many fans questioned whether someone (perhaps a future serial killer) could have killed the cat.

Now, creator David Finch has actually confirmed the theory.

“There was a kid in the building who’s going around killing cats,” Anna Torv, who plays Wendy told TV Line.

“It’s a birth of a new sociopath that we don’t quite know about. Because that’s how it starts – with animals.” Yikes.

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