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Bride and Prejudice's Milly has welcomed a baby boy, one month after Micah's sudden death.

After the death of her ex-fiance last monthBride and Prejudice star Milly Johnson has given birth to a baby boy.

Milly shared the news to her Instagram on Tuesday, writing: “Feeling so much love for a little life that I delivered into the world on Monday 27 January 2020 at 6:46PM.”

Accompanied with a photo of herself cradling her new arrival, the caption further said he is a “healthy baby boy weighing 3680g”.

His name is Micah Harper Johnson, a tribute to the father of her son, who passed away suddenly late last year.

On Wednesday, Milly shared a second photo of her son, wrapped up while sleeping, calling him a “little angel”.


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Little angel ✨

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One month ago, Milly announced the death of her former fiance, Micah Downey, writing: “It is so sad & unbelievably surreal that I am making this post.

“On the 28 December 2019 Micah Patrick Downey passed away. I am struggling to put into words how sad & heartbreaking this is,” Milly, who was at the time heavily pregnant with their second child, wrote on Instagram.

“I just hope he is at peace wherever he is & that he will always be watching over his babies. A bad, bad dream. I can’t believe you’re not here. Rest In Peace Micah.”

Micah and Milly appeared on the 2019 season of Channel Seven reality show Bride and Prejudice, which follows couples planning on tying the knot when their families dislike the relationship.


Milly’s mother did not approve of Micah after finding marijuana belonging to him in her home – hence their decision to go on Bride and Prejudice.

Although Milly and Micah’s relationship with her mother, Catherine, seemed to improve on the show, Milly confessed to having doubts about marrying Micah. The couple broke up for good during the finale, with Milly calling off the wedding.

After the last episode aired, the 23-year-old announced she was heavily pregnant with their child.

micah downey death
Micah and Milly had one child together, and one more on the way, at the time of his passing. Image: Instagram.

In a statement, Milly explained: "I loved him. He is the father to my son and baby on the way. It was such a hard decision to make not only breaking off the wedding but also breaking up with Micah for the last time. Everything I hoped and dreamed for just came crashing down...

"Please refrain yourselves from saying anything nasty to either one of us. Be mindful that mental trauma and illness does play a role so respect us all and keep your strong views or opinions to yourself."

The couple met while Milly was backpacking in California, America. When she returned home to Australia, Milly discovered that she was pregnant with Micah’s child – their first son, Julian.

Micah moved back to California following his breakup with Milly, and it is believed he died there.

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