We have compelling evidence Natalie Portman and Millie Bobby Brown are actually the same person.


Excuse us.

We have a very, very important investigation to present.

You see, there’s something very peculiar happening in Hollywood.

Ever since Millie Bobby Brown burst onto our screens in Netflix series Stranger Things in 2016, something very mysterious has been happening.

Watch the trailer for the latest series of Stranger Things below. Post continues after video.

From the very beginning, the now 15-year-old actress has looked vaguely familiar.

Like somebody we’ve seen before.

And now, we’ve finally figured it out.


Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman are the same person in different time spaces and WE HAVE ALL THE EVIDENCE TO PROVE IT.


Have you ever seen Millie Bobby Brown and Natalie Portman in the same room at the same time? Nope.

Is the Stranger Things star secretly Natalie Portman’s daughter? Probably.


Honestly, either a) Eleven got stuck in the Upside Down and returned as 38-year-old Natalie Portman or b) they really are the exact same person.

There’s simply no other answer. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Still not convinced?

Here’s the scientific photographic evidence to prove it:

millie bobby brown
They are THE SAME. Image: Getty.
millie bobby brown
We need answers. Image: Getty.
millie bobby brown
How are they... not related?
millie bobby brown

Weirdly enough, Brown and Portman are actually well aware of their striking similarities.

"It's an incredible show," Portman told MTV News.

"I met Millie at the Golden Globes a few months ago. She came up to me and was like, 'People keep telling me I look like the kid version of you!'" she added.


"I was so flattered because she's absolutely adorable and so talented. I'm like, 'That is very nice, but I think you're your own magical person.'

"I see that there's something there, but I also find her much more magical than I see myself. She's really wonderful."



In 2018, Portman even played Brown's character Eleven from Stranger Things in a skit for Saturday Night Live, making their resemblance even more obvious.

millie bobby brown
UNCANNY. Image: Saturday Night Live.

Either way, we just want Millie Bobby Brown to play Natalie Portman's daughter in a movie soon, please.

Make it happen, Hollywood.

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